Direct Flights
from Lima LIM
with LATAM Airlines

8,029 weekly flights departing from Jorge Chávez Intl
Serving 428 domestic and 202 international routes.
Departure city: Lima, Peru

Arequipa (AQP)69/week 1h28min from $41
Ayacucho (AYP)21/week 1h02min from $38
Cajamarca (CJA)21/week 1h18min from $40
Chiclayo (CIX)35/week 1h26min from $42
Cusco (CUZ)118/week 1h20min from $41
Ilo (ILQ)3/week 1h40min from $42
Iquitos (IQT)42/week 1h50min from $44
Jauja (JAU)14/week 0h51min from $35
Jaén (JAE)14/week 1h28min from $42
Juliaca (JUL)24/week 1h34min from $41
Piura (PIU)49/week 1h40min from $44
Pucallpa (PCL)21/week 1h11min from $44
Puerto Maldonado (PEM)17/week 1h25min from $44
Tacna (TCQ)26/week 1h43min from $45
Talara (TYL)17/week 1h38min from $48
Tarapoto (TPP)28/week 1h23min from $45
Trujillo (TRU)35/week 1h05min from $48
Tumbes (TBP)16/week 1h40min from $48
Buenos Aires (EZE)21/week 4h18min from $214
Córdoba (COR)7/week 3h37min from $245
Mendoza (MDZ)4/week 3h37min from $150
Rosario (ROS)5/week 3h58min from $164
Salta (SLA)3/week 2h54min from $153
Tucumán (TUC)4/week 3h02min from $183
La Paz (LPB)9/week 1h59min from $208
Santa Cruz (VVI)7/week 2h37min from $222
Brasília (BSB)3/week 4h50min from $632
Foz do Iguazú (IGU)7/week 4h00min from $237
Porto Alegre (POA)5/week 4h40min from $578
Rio de Janeiro (GIG)3/week 5h15min from $618
São Paulo (GRU)15/week 4h55min from $416
Antofagasta (ANF)3/week 2h21min from $115
Calama (CJC)6/week 2h28min from $82
Concepción (CCP)3/week 4h05min from $115
Santiago (SCL)59/week 3h25min from $74
Bogotá (BOG)16/week 3h05min from $282
Cali (CLO)6/week 2h50min from $279
Cartagena de Indias (CTG)7/week 3h40min from $212
Medellín (MDE)6/week 3h05min from $176
Costa Rica
San José (SJO)4/week 3h45min from $222
Dominican Republic
Punta Cana (PUJ)14/week 5h02min from $285
Guayaquil (GYE)7/week 2h14min from $247
Quito (UIO)14/week 2h20min from $241
Cancún (CUN)13/week 5h12min from $199
México City (MEX)7/week 6h10min from $499
Asunción (ASU)7/week 3h34min from $327
Barcelona (BCN)3/week 12h35min from $465
Madrid (MAD)6/week 11h25min from $465
United States
Los Angeles (LAX)12/week 8h40min from $638
Miami (MIA)18/week 5h50min from $211
New York (JFK)12/week 7h30min from $563
Orlando (MCO)7/week 6h10min from $489
Montevideo (MVD)7/week 4h30min from $294