LATAM Airlines Airports

LATAM Airlines operates in 675 airports worldwide with a total of 20,976 weekly flights.
Main hub: Guarulhos Intl (GRU)
IATA code: LA

São Paulo (GRU)Brazil
62 destinations 2,246/week
Lima (LIM)Peru
53 destinations 2,075/week
Santiago (SCL)Chile
44 destinations 2,002/week
Brasília (BSB)Brazil
37 destinations 1,048/week
São Paulo (CGH)Brazil
24 destinations 1,579/week
Bogotá (BOG)Colombia
20 destinations 845/week
Buenos Aires (EZE)Argentina
15 destinations 337/week
Rio de Janeiro (GIG)Brazil
15 destinations 290/week
Fortaleza (FOR)Brazil
14 destinations 398/week
Miami (MIA)United States
13 destinations 103/week
Buenos Aires (AEP)Argentina
11 destinations 303/week
Rio de Janeiro (SDU)Brazil
11 destinations 586/week
Cusco (CUZ)Peru
9 destinations 271/week
Salvador (SSA)Brazil
9 destinations 373/week
Madrid (MAD)Spain
9 destinations 52/week
Medellín (MDE)Colombia
9 destinations 264/week
Asunción (ASU)Paraguay
9 destinations 117/week
Porto Alegre (POA)Brazil
8 destinations 441/week
Foz do Iguazú (IGU)Brazil
7 destinations 189/week
Manaus (MAO)Brazil
7 destinations 128/week
Belo Horizonte (CNF)Brazil
6 destinations 361/week
Goiânia (GYN)Brazil
6 destinations 169/week
Vitória (VIX)Brazil
6 destinations 206/week
Belém (BEL)Brazil
6 destinations 131/week
Curitiba (CWB)Brazil
6 destinations 386/week
Riberão Preto (RAO)Brazil
5 destinations 63/week
Punta Arenas (PUQ)Chile
5 destinations 99/week
Cartagena de Indias (CTG)Colombia
5 destinations 159/week
México City (MEX)Mexico
5 destinations 46/week
Porto Seguro (BPS)Brazil
5 destinations 135/week
Montevideo (MVD)Uruguay
5 destinations 107/week
Cali (CLO)Colombia
5 destinations 244/week
Recife (REC)Brazil
5 destinations 167/week
São Luís (SLZ)Brazil
4 destinations 105/week
Florianópolis (FLN)Brazil
4 destinations 189/week
Antofagasta (ANF)Chile
4 destinations 237/week
Mendoza (MDZ)Argentina
4 destinations 91/week
Cancún (CUN)Mexico
4 destinations 36/week
Concepción (CCP)Chile
4 destinations 180/week
Mount Pleasant (MPN)Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
4 destinations 5/week
Córdoba (COR)Argentina
4 destinations 88/week
Natal (NAT)Brazil
4 destinations 105/week
Guayaquil (GYE)Ecuador
4 destinations 69/week
New York (JFK)United States
4 destinations 56/week
San Andrés Island (ADZ)Colombia
4 destinations 117/week
Maceió (MCZ)Brazil
3 destinations 94/week
Ushuaia (USH)Argentina
3 destinations 30/week
Puerto Montt (PMC)Chile
3 destinations 174/week
Imperatriz (IMP)Brazil
3 destinations 51/week
Santa Cruz (SRZ)Bolivia
3 destinations 27/week
Punta Cana (PUJ)Dominican Republic
3 destinations 40/week
Quito (UIO)Ecuador
3 destinations 62/week
Uberlândia (UDI)Brazil
3 destinations 61/week
Calama (CJC)Chile
3 destinations 283/week
Teresina (THE)Brazil
3 destinations 66/week
La Paz (LPB)Bolivia
3 destinations 29/week
Santa Cruz (VVI)Bolivia
3 destinations 27/week
San Carlos de Bariloche (BRC)Argentina
3 destinations 92/week
Cuiabá (CGB)Brazil
3 destinations 117/week
Rio Gallegos (RGL)Argentina
3 destinations 7/week
El Calafate (FTE)Argentina
3 destinations 23/week
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)United States
3 destinations 12/week
La Serena (LSC)Chile
3 destinations 102/week
Campo Grande (CGR)Brazil
3 destinations 83/week
Barranquilla (BAQ)Colombia
2 destinations 71/week
Iquitos (IQT)Peru
2 destinations 107/week
Orlando (ORL)United States
2 destinations 24/week
Orlando (MCO)United States
2 destinations 24/week
Puerto Maldonado (PEM)Peru
2 destinations 74/week
Palmas (PMW)Brazil
2 destinations 37/week
Navegantes (NVT)Brazil
2 destinations 109/week
Papeete (PPT)French Polynesia
2 destinations 2/week
Macapá (MCP)Brazil
2 destinations 32/week
Frankfurt (FRA)Germany
2 destinations 17/week
São José do Rio Preto (SJP)Brazil
2 destinations 83/week
Salta (SLA)Argentina
2 destinations 41/week
Boa Vista (BVB)Brazil
2 destinations 23/week
Barcelona (BCN)Spain
2 destinations 29/week
Balmaceda (BBA)Chile
2 destinations 42/week
Porto Velho (PVH)Brazil
2 destinations 26/week
Iquique (IQQ)Chile
2 destinations 115/week
Rio Branco (RBR)Brazil
2 destinations 33/week
Londrina (LDB)Brazil
2 destinations 76/week
Los Angeles (LAX)United States
2 destinations 35/week
Aracaju (AJU)Brazil
2 destinations 38/week
Santa Marta (SMR)Colombia
2 destinations 57/week
Juliaca (JUL)Peru
2 destinations 74/week
João Pessoa (JPA)Brazil
2 destinations 67/week
Sydney (SYD)Australia
2 destinations 24/week
Wien (VIE)Austria
2 destinations 7/week
Arequipa (AQP)Peru
2 destinations 191/week
Trujillo (TRU)Peru
2 destinations 103/week
Tucumán (TUC)Argentina
2 destinations 48/week
Auckland (AKL)New Zealand
2 destinations 13/week
Easter Island (IPC)Chile
2 destinations 22/week
Ilhéus (IOS)Brazil
2 destinations 58/week
Puerto Iguazú (IGR)Argentina
2 destinations 52/week
Jaguaruna (JJG)Brazil
1 destinations 16/week
Boston (BOS)United States
1 destinations 10/week
Marabá (MAB)Brazil
1 destinations 11/week
Doha (DOH)Qatar
1 destinations 3/week
El Yopal (EYP)Colombia
1 destinations 10/week
Montego Bay (MBJ)Jamaica
1 destinations 6/week
Barreiras (BRA)Brazil
1 destinations 2/week
Puerto Natales (PNT)Chile
1 destinations 1/week
Pucallpa (PCL)Peru
1 destinations 57/week
Maldonado (PDP)Uruguay
1 destinations 4/week
Pereira (PEI)Colombia
1 destinations 14/week
London (LGW)United Kingdom
1 destinations 5/week
Pisco (PIO)Peru
1 destinations 2/week
Piura (PIU)Peru
1 destinations 120/week
Cajamarca (CJA)Peru
1 destinations 45/week
Cúcuta (CUC)Colombia
1 destinations 10/week
Chiclayo (CIX)Peru
1 destinations 87/week
Leticia (LET)Colombia
1 destinations 22/week
Ciudad del Este (AGT)Paraguay
1 destinations 4/week
Ayacucho (AYP)Peru
1 destinations 44/week
Johannesburg (JNB)South Africa
1 destinations 10/week
Joinville (JOI)Brazil
1 destinations 44/week
Ilo (ILQ)Peru
1 destinations 7/week
Araguaina (AUX)Brazil
1 destinations 2/week
Melbourne (MEL)Australia
1 destinations 9/week
Bauru (JTC)Brazil
1 destinations 8/week
Maringá (MGF)Brazil
1 destinations 28/week
Dalcahue (MHC)Chile
1 destinations 14/week
Bucaramanga (BGA)Colombia
1 destinations 70/week
Rosario (ROS)Argentina
1 destinations 25/week
Copiapó (CPO)Chile
1 destinations 60/week
San José (SJO)Costa Rica
1 destinations 8/week
Montería (MTR)Colombia
1 destinations 36/week
Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD)Argentina
1 destinations 8/week
Milan (MXP)Italy
1 destinations 15/week
Santarém (STM)Brazil
1 destinations 8/week
Arica (ARI)Chile
1 destinations 62/week
Neuquén (NQN)Argentina
1 destinations 45/week
Tumbes (TBP)Peru
1 destinations 34/week
Tacna (TCQ)Peru
1 destinations 58/week
London (LHR)United Kingdom
1 destinations 17/week
Tel Aviv (TLV)Israel
1 destinations 8/week
Tarapoto (TPP)Peru
1 destinations 79/week
Chapecó (XAP)Brazil
1 destinations 1/week
Lisbon (LIS)Portugal
1 destinations 21/week
Talara (TYL)Peru
1 destinations 44/week
Paris (CDG)France
1 destinations 21/week
Jaén (JAE)Peru
1 destinations 24/week
Jauja (JAU)Peru
1 destinations 41/week
Campinas (VCP)Brazil
1 destinations 20/week
Vitoria da Conquista (VDC)Brazil
1 destinations 2/week
Valledupar (VUP)Colombia
1 destinations 16/week
Rome (FCO)Italy
1 destinations 7/week
Valdivia (ZAL)Chile
1 destinations 23/week
Temuco (ZCO)Chile
1 destinations 75/week
Osorno (ZOS)Chile
1 destinations 9/week