Tway Airlines Airports

Tway Airlines operates in 111 airports worldwide with a total of 1,055 weekly flights.
Main hub: Incheon Intl (ICN)
IATA code: TW

Seoul (ICN)South Korea
28 destinations 210/week
Daegu (TAE)South Korea
14 destinations 140/week
Jeju (CJU)South Korea
7 destinations 184/week
Busan (PUS)South Korea
5 destinations 29/week
Osaka (KIX)Japan
5 destinations 63/week
Agana (GUM)United States
4 destinations 28/week
Tokyo (NRT)Japan
3 destinations 35/week
Da Nang (DAD)Vietnam
3 destinations 28/week
Hanoi (HAN)Vietnam
3 destinations 22/week
Nagoya (NGO)Japan
3 destinations 18/week
Sapporo (CTS)Japan
2 destinations 13/week
Taipei (TPE)Taiwan, Province of China
2 destinations 18/week
Nha Trang (CXR)Vietnam
2 destinations 11/week
Seoul (GMP)South Korea
2 destinations 104/week
Kaohsiung (KHH)Taiwan, Province of China
2 destinations 12/week
Fukuoka (FUK)Japan
2 destinations 22/week
Bangkok (BKK)Thailand
2 destinations 14/week
Taichung (RMQ)Taiwan, Province of China
2 destinations 10/week
Okinawa (OKA)Japan
2 destinations 14/week
Qingdao (TAO)China
1 destinations 4/week
Vientiane (VTE)Lao People's Democratic Republic
1 destinations 7/week
Macau (MFM)Macao
1 destinations 7/week
Lapu-Lapu (CEB)Philippines
1 destinations 7/week
Hong Kong (HKG)Hong Kong
1 destinations 8/week
Muan (MWX)South Korea
1 destinations 7/week
Luzon (CRK)Philippines
1 destinations 1/week
Oita (OIT)Japan
1 destinations 7/week
Saga (HSG)Japan
1 destinations 7/week
Phuket (HKT)Thailand
1 destinations 7/week
Kumamoto (KMJ)Japan
1 destinations 4/week
Kagoshima (KOJ)Japan
1 destinations 3/week
Gwangju (KWJ)South Korea
1 destinations 29/week
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)Vietnam
1 destinations 7/week
Saipan (SPN)United States
1 destinations 7/week
Vladivostok (VVO)Russian Federation
1 destinations 4/week
Taipei (TSA)Taiwan, Province of China
1 destinations 4/week
Jinan (TNA)China
1 destinations 2/week
Wenzhou (WNZ)China
1 destinations 3/week