Shenzhen Airlines Airports

Shenzhen Airlines operates in 582 airports worldwide with a total of 5,953 weekly flights.
Main hub: Shenzhen Bao'an Intl (SZX)
IATA code: ZH

Shenzhen (SZX)China
64 destinations 1,035/week
Guangzhou (CAN)China
30 destinations 417/week
Quanzhou (JJN)China
25 destinations 213/week
Shenyang (SHE)China
23 destinations 259/week
Nanjing (NKG)China
21 destinations 269/week
Harbin (HRB)China
19 destinations 154/week
Nanning (NNG)China
19 destinations 169/week
Wuxi (WUX)China
19 destinations 249/week
Nantong (NTG)China
18 destinations 148/week
Xi'an (XIY)China
17 destinations 173/week
Nanchang (KHN)China
14 destinations 127/week
Zhengzhou (CGO)China
13 destinations 116/week
Yuncheng (YCU)China
12 destinations 80/week
Hefei (HFE)China
11 destinations 118/week
Yangzhou (YTY)China
10 destinations 77/week
Changchun (CGQ)China
10 destinations 84/week
Chengdu (CTU)China
9 destinations 140/week
Kunming (KMG)China
9 destinations 100/week
Yantai (YNT)China
9 destinations 77/week
Zhuhai (ZUH)China
9 destinations 62/week
Linyi (LYI)China
9 destinations 64/week
Wenzhou (WNZ)China
8 destinations 57/week
Haikou (HAK)China
8 destinations 84/week
Changzhou (CZX)China
8 destinations 69/week
Beijing (PEK)China
8 destinations 98/week
Taipei (TPE)Taiwan, Province of China
7 destinations 36/week
Dalian (DLC)China
7 destinations 76/week
Sanya (SYX)China
7 destinations 61/week
Huizhou (HUZ)China
7 destinations 48/week
Xiangyang (XFN)China
6 destinations 45/week
Changsha (CSX)China
6 destinations 42/week
Taiyuan (TYN)China
6 destinations 53/week
Chongqing (CKG)China
6 destinations 85/week
Yichun (YIC)China
6 destinations 43/week
Wuhan (WUH)China
6 destinations 42/week
Yinchuan (INC)China
5 destinations 42/week
Datong (DAT)China
5 destinations 28/week
Qingdao (TAO)China
5 destinations 63/week
Huangyan (HYN)China
4 destinations 32/week
Osaka (KIX)Japan
4 destinations 49/week
Bangkok (BKK)Thailand
4 destinations 42/week
Xining (XNN)China
4 destinations 20/week
Xiamen (XMN)China
4 destinations 42/week
Lijiang (LJG)China
4 destinations 22/week
Shanghai (SHA)China
4 destinations 93/week
Jinan (TNA)China
3 destinations 43/week
Guiyang (KWE)China
3 destinations 28/week
Ningbo (NGB)China
3 destinations 13/week
Hangzhou (HGH)China
3 destinations 70/week
Guilin (KWL)China
3 destinations 21/week
Tianjin (TSN)China
3 destinations 35/week
Wanzhou (WXN)China
3 destinations 21/week
Fuzhou (FOC)China
3 destinations 21/week
Jingdezhen (JDZ)China
3 destinations 18/week
Zhanjiang (ZHA)China
3 destinations 25/week
Shanghai (PVG)China
3 destinations 56/week
Macau (MFM)Macao
2 destinations 21/week
Yibin (YBP)China
2 destinations 14/week
Hong Kong (HKG)Hong Kong
2 destinations 21/week
Karamay (KRY)China
2 destinations 6/week
Tengchong (TCZ)China
2 destinations 10/week
Mianyang (MIG)China
2 destinations 14/week
Baishan (NBS)China
2 destinations 14/week
Quzhou (JUZ)China
2 destinations 10/week
Phnom Penh (PNH)Cambodia
2 destinations 35/week
Hohhot (HET)China
2 destinations 14/week
Panzhihua (PZI)China
2 destinations 15/week
Shangri-La (DIG)China
1 destinations 7/week
Tokyo (NRT)Japan
1 destinations 8/week
Singapore (SIN)Singapore
1 destinations 8/week
Turpan (TLQ)China
1 destinations 4/week
London (LHR)United Kingdom
1 destinations 3/week
Lanzhou (LHW)China
1 destinations 7/week
Chizhou (JUH)China
1 destinations 8/week
Ürümqi (URC)China
1 destinations 7/week
Seoul (ICN)South Korea
1 destinations 17/week
Hailar (HLD)China
1 destinations 7/week
Hanoi (HAN)Vietnam
1 destinations 7/week
Zhaotong (ZAT)China
1 destinations 3/week
Zunyi (WMT)China
1 destinations 7/week
Yichang (YIH)China
1 destinations 7/week
Jieyang (SWA)China
1 destinations 7/week
Shijiazhuang (SJW)China
1 destinations 14/week
Zhoushan (HSN)China
1 destinations 7/week
Phuket (HKT)Thailand
1 destinations 14/week
Zunyi (ZYI)China
1 destinations 7/week