Ryanair Airports

Ryanair operates in 4,086 airports worldwide with a total of 18,489 weekly flights.
Main hub: Stansted (STN)
IATA code: FR

London (STN)United Kingdom
139 destinations 1,256/week
Dublin (DUB)Ireland
100 destinations 870/week
Bergamo (BGY)Italy
91 destinations 661/week
Brussels (BRU)Belgium
90 destinations 561/week
Charleroi (CRL)Belgium
83 destinations 380/week
Kraków (KRK)Poland
71 destinations 266/week
Málaga (AGP)Spain
68 destinations 338/week
Berlin (BER)Germany
66 destinations 364/week
Alicante (ALC)Spain
66 destinations 336/week
Manchester (MAN)United Kingdom
64 destinations 363/week
Gudja/Luqa (MLA)Malta
62 destinations 181/week
Porto (OPO)Portugal
60 destinations 276/week
Palma de Mallorca (PMI)Spain
58 destinations 486/week
Edinburgh (EDI)United Kingdom
57 destinations 199/week
Bologna (BLQ)Italy
54 destinations 271/week
Frankfurt (FRA)Germany
54 destinations 253/week
Sevilla (SVQ)Spain
54 destinations 174/week
Barcelona (BCN)Spain
54 destinations 507/week
Madrid (MAD)Spain
53 destinations 430/week
Berlin (SXF)Germany
51 destinations 297/week
Valencia (VLC)Spain
50 destinations 197/week
Budapest (BUD)Hungary
47 destinations 217/week
Pisa (PSA)Italy
46 destinations 219/week
Marseille Provence (MRS)France
44 destinations 166/week
Rome (CIA)Italy
44 destinations 304/week
Warsaw (WAW)Poland
44 destinations 177/week
Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (WMI)Poland
43 destinations 172/week
Granadilla de Abone (TFS)Spain
43 destinations 154/week
Beauvais (BVA)France
42 destinations 189/week
Derby (EMA)United Kingdom
41 destinations 172/week
Girona (GRO)Spain
40 destinations 123/week
Marrakech (RAK)Morocco
40 destinations 137/week
Faro (FAO)Portugal
39 destinations 222/week
Eindhoven (EIN)Netherlands
38 destinations 176/week
Athens (ATH)Greece
36 destinations 143/week
Wroclaw (WRO)Poland
35 destinations 86/week
Treviso (TSF)Italy
35 destinations 165/week
Liverpool (LPL)United Kingdom
34 destinations 133/week
Bordeaux (BOD)France
34 destinations 103/week
Las Palmas (LPA)Spain
34 destinations 94/week
Cologne-Bonn (CGN)Germany
34 destinations 177/week
Prague (PRG)Czechia
33 destinations 171/week
Lisbon (LIS)Portugal
33 destinations 227/week
Düsseldorf (DUS)Germany
33 destinations 89/week
Naples (NAP)Italy
33 destinations 146/week
Thessaloniki (SKG)Greece
32 destinations 102/week
Venice (VCE)Italy
32 destinations 178/week
Bristol (BRS)United Kingdom
32 destinations 131/week
Stockholm (NYO)Sweden
32 destinations 107/week
Niederrhein (NRN)Germany
30 destinations 88/week
Bari (BRI)Italy
29 destinations 156/week
Birmingham (BHX)United Kingdom
28 destinations 155/week
Eivissa (IBZ)Spain
28 destinations 170/week
Copenhagen (CPH)Denmark
27 destinations 162/week
Palermo (PMO)Italy
27 destinations 201/week
Bratislava (BTS)Slovakia
26 destinations 69/week
Milan (MXP)Italy
26 destinations 196/week
Cagliari (CAG)Italy
26 destinations 112/week
London (LTN)United Kingdom
26 destinations 151/week
Gdansk (GDN)Poland
26 destinations 97/week
Arrecife (ACE)Spain
26 destinations 103/week
Hahn (HHN)Germany
26 destinations 77/week
Memmingen (FMM)Germany
25 destinations 59/week
Hamburg (HAM)Germany
25 destinations 110/week
Sofia (SOF)Bulgaria
25 destinations 96/week
Catania (CTA)Italy
24 destinations 192/week
Leeds/Bradford (LBA)United Kingdom
24 destinations 85/week
Vilnius (VNO)Lithuania
22 destinations 67/week
Fez (FEZ)Morocco
22 destinations 57/week
Chania (CHQ)Greece
22 destinations 47/week
Paphos (PFO)Cyprus
22 destinations 75/week
Poznan (POZ)Poland
21 destinations 49/week
Kerkyra (CFU)Greece
21 destinations 43/week
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB)Germany
21 destinations 57/week
Nürnberg (NUE)Germany
21 destinations 67/week
Kiev (IEV)Ukraine
20 destinations 91/week
Berlin (TXL)Germany
20 destinations 95/week
Bucharest (OTP)Romania
20 destinations 144/week
Zadar (ZAD)Croatia
20 destinations 46/week
Kaunas (KUN)Lithuania
19 destinations 57/week
Glasgow (GLA)United Kingdom
19 destinations 86/week
Göteborg (GOT)Sweden
19 destinations 51/week
Puerto del Rosario (FUE)Spain
18 destinations 56/week
Shannon (SNN)Ireland
18 destinations 56/week
Kiev (KBP)Ukraine
18 destinations 80/week
Toulouse (TLS)France
18 destinations 81/week
Rome (FCO)Italy
17 destinations 185/week
Riga (RIX)Latvia
16 destinations 65/week
Brindisi (BDS)Italy
16 destinations 93/week
Billund (BLL)Denmark
16 destinations 56/week
Cork (ORK)Ireland
16 destinations 76/week
Tel Aviv (TLV)Israel
16 destinations 84/week
Oslo (OSL)Norway
15 destinations 79/week
Glasgow (PIK)United Kingdom
14 destinations 51/week
Santander (SDR)Spain
14 destinations 42/week
Southend (SEN)United Kingdom
14 destinations 96/week
Belfast (BFS)United Kingdom
14 destinations 43/week
Sandefjord (TRF)Norway
14 destinations 52/week
Luxembourg (LUX)Luxembourg
13 destinations 54/week
Lamezia Terme (SUF)Italy
13 destinations 79/week
Santiago de Compostela (SCQ)Spain
13 destinations 80/week
Bournemouth (BOH)United Kingdom
13 destinations 45/week
Knock (NOC)Ireland
13 destinations 46/week
Katowice (KTW)Poland
12 destinations 60/week
Reus (REU)Spain
12 destinations 39/week
Rhodos (RHO)Greece
12 destinations 23/week
Pescara (PSR)Italy
11 destinations 41/week
Bremen (BRE)Germany
11 destinations 47/week
Turin (TRN)Italy
11 destinations 61/week
Nantes (NTE)France
11 destinations 45/week
Amman (AMM)Jordan
11 destinations 30/week
Tangier (TNG)Morocco
10 destinations 28/week
Newcastle upon Tyne (NCL)United Kingdom
10 destinations 46/week
Murcia (RMU)Spain
10 destinations 52/week
Alghero (AHO)Italy
9 destinations 34/week
Béziers (BZR)France
9 destinations 24/week
Rabat (RBA)Morocco
9 destinations 32/week
Tallinn (TLL)Estonia
9 destinations 21/week
Verona (VRN)Italy
8 destinations 27/week
Carcassonne (CCF)France
7 destinations 27/week
Dortmund (DTM)Germany
7 destinations 31/week
Podgorica (TGD)Montenegro
7 destinations 16/week
Rzeszów (RZE)Poland
7 destinations 29/week
Brest (BES)France
6 destinations 22/week
Killarney (KIR)Ireland
6 destinations 24/week
Tarbes/Lourdes/Pyrénées (LDE)France
6 destinations 14/week
Nador (NDR)Morocco
6 destinations 15/week
Bydgoszcz (BZG)Poland
6 destinations 22/week
Comiso (CIY)Italy
5 destinations 16/week
Kefallinia Island (EFL)Greece
5 destinations 11/week
Oujda (OUD)Morocco
5 destinations 10/week
Agadir (AGA)Morocco
5 destinations 12/week
Vitoria (VIT)Spain
5 destinations 11/week
Lvov (LWO)Ukraine
5 destinations 19/week
Pula (PUY)Croatia
5 destinations 11/week
Limoges (LIG)France
5 destinations 17/week
Nîmes (FNI)France
5 destinations 17/week
Tours (TUF)France
5 destinations 13/week
Cardiff (CWL)United Kingdom
5 destinations 10/week
Ponta Delgada (PDL)Portugal
5 destinations 40/week
Almería (LEI)Spain
5 destinations 10/week
Bergerac (EGC)France
4 destinations 13/week
Lodz (LCJ)Poland
4 destinations 16/week
Mahón (MAH)Spain
4 destinations 23/week
Heraklion (HER)Greece
4 destinations 9/week
Kalamata (KLX)Greece
4 destinations 5/week
Banja Luka (BNX)Bosnia and Herzegovina
4 destinations 11/week
Aberdeen (ABZ)United Kingdom
4 destinations 8/week
Szczecin (SZZ)Poland
4 destinations 18/week
Lappeenranta (LPP)Finland
4 destinations 6/week
Maastricht (MST)Netherlands
4 destinations 9/week
Mykonos Island (JMK)Greece
4 destinations 8/week
La Rochelle (LRH)France
4 destinations 12/week
Trapani (TPS)Italy
4 destinations 10/week
Lille (LIL)France
4 destinations 24/week
Perugia (PEG)Italy
4 destinations 13/week
Nis (INI)Serbia
4 destinations 8/week
Rimini (RMI)Italy
4 destinations 7/week
Trieste (TRS)Italy
4 destinations 16/week
Strasbourg (SXB)France
4 destinations 10/week
Zaragoza (ZAZ)Spain
4 destinations 14/week
Perpignan/Rivesaltes (PGF)France
4 destinations 12/week
Exeter (EXT)United Kingdom
4 destinations 8/week
London (LGW)United Kingdom
4 destinations 77/week
Clermont/Ferrand Auvergne (CFE)France
3 destinations 9/week
Kos (KGS)Greece
3 destinations 6/week
Dole (DLE)France
3 destinations 9/week
Rijeka (RJK)Croatia
3 destinations 5/week
Brno (BRQ)Czechia
3 destinations 13/week
Ouarzazate (OZZ)Morocco
3 destinations 6/week
Valladolid (VLL)Spain
3 destinations 10/week
Ancona (AOI)Italy
3 destinations 13/week
Crotone (CRV)Italy
3 destinations 13/week
Biarritz (BIQ)France
3 destinations 14/week
Stockholm (VST)Sweden
3 destinations 8/week
Genoa (GOA)Italy
2 destinations 10/week
Brive-la-Gaillarde (BVE)France
2 destinations 5/week
Århus (AAR)Denmark
2 destinations 9/week
Haugesund (HAU)Norway
2 destinations 4/week
Dinard/Pleurtuit/St-Malo (DNR)France
2 destinations 9/week
Munich (MUC)Germany
2 destinations 14/week
Amsterdam (AMS)Netherlands
2 destinations 34/week
Santa Cruz de Tenerife (TFN)Spain
2 destinations 15/week
Londonderry (LDY)United Kingdom
2 destinations 9/week
Rodez (RDZ)France
2 destinations 4/week
Dalaman (DLM)Turkey
2 destinations 3/week
Växjö (VXO)Sweden
2 destinations 4/week
Burgas (BOJ)Bulgaria
2 destinations 3/week
Figari (FSC)France
2 destinations 6/week
Nice (NCE)France
2 destinations 12/week
Newquay (NQY)United Kingdom
2 destinations 5/week
Terceira (TER)Portugal
2 destinations 6/week
Timisoara (TSR)Romania
2 destinations 26/week
Châlons-en-Champagne (XCR)France
2 destinations 5/week
Jerez de la Frontera (XRY)Spain
2 destinations 10/week
Bilbao (BIO)Spain
1 destinations 7/week
Zakinthos (ZTH)Greece
1 destinations 1/week
Kharkiv (HRK)Ukraine
1 destinations 3/week
Palanga (PLQ)Lithuania
1 destinations 2/week
Kosice (KSC)Slovakia
1 destinations 4/week
Jeju (CJU)South Korea
1 destinations 15/week
Accra (ACC)Ghana
1 destinations 7/week
Santorini (JTR)Greece
1 destinations 14/week
Charlotte (CLT)United States
1 destinations 1/week
Parma (PMF)Italy
1 destinations 4/week
Malmö (MMX)Sweden
1 destinations 3/week
Kavala (KVA)Greece
1 destinations 1/week
Bodrum (BJV)Turkey
1 destinations 2/week
Split (SPU)Croatia
1 destinations 4/week
Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg (BSL)France
1 destinations 3/week
Dubrovnik (DBV)Croatia
1 destinations 4/week
Castellón de la Plana (CDT)Spain
1 destinations 3/week
Larnaca (LCA)Cyprus
1 destinations 3/week
Plovdiv (PDV)Bulgaria
1 destinations 8/week
Preveza/Lefkada (PVK)Greece
1 destinations 1/week
Ostrava (OSR)Czechia
1 destinations 6/week
Poitiers (PIS)France
1 destinations 4/week
Cuneo (CUF)Italy
1 destinations 5/week
Tetouan (TTU)Morocco
1 destinations 2/week
Cluj-Napoca (CLJ)Romania
1 destinations 4/week
Szczytno (SZY)Poland
1 destinations 5/week
Aalborg (AAL)Denmark
1 destinations 4/week
Odessa (ODS)Ukraine
1 destinations 3/week
Lublin (LUZ)Poland
1 destinations 2/week
Tampere (TMP)Finland
1 destinations 2/week
Salzburg (SZG)Austria
1 destinations 6/week
Stockholm (ARN)Sweden
1 destinations 7/week
Pardubice (PED)Czechia
1 destinations 2/week