Alitalia Cityliner Airports

Alitalia Cityliner operates in 163 airports worldwide with a total of 881 weekly flights.
Main hub: Fiumicino (FCO)
IATA code: CT

Rome (FCO)Italy
33 destinations 198/week
Milan (LIN)Italy
25 destinations 305/week
Milano (MXP)Italy
24 destinations 221/week
Olbia (OLB)Italy
3 destinations 8/week
Ibiza (IBZ)Spain
3 destinations 7/week
Bari (BRI)Italy
3 destinations 27/week
Dusseldorf (DUS)Germany
3 destinations 14/week
Menorca (MAH)Spain
3 destinations 5/week
Cagliari (CAG)Italy
3 destinations 4/week
Palma de Mallorca (PMI)Spain
3 destinations 6/week
Naples (NAP)Italy
3 destinations 54/week
Ronchi De Legionari (TRS)Italy
3 destinations 24/week
Frankfurt (FRA)Germany
3 destinations 20/week
Paris (CDG)France
2 destinations 15/week
Genoa (GOA)Italy
2 destinations 13/week
Comiso (CIY)Italy
2 destinations 10/week
Madrid (MAD)Spain
2 destinations 12/week
Catania (CTA)Italy
2 destinations 19/week
Palermo (PMO)Italy
2 destinations 15/week
Athens (ATH)Greece
2 destinations 1/week
Mykonos (JMK)Greece
2 destinations 2/week
Geneva (GVA)Switzerland
2 destinations 31/week
Rhodos (RHO)Greece
2 destinations 4/week
Brindisi (BDS)Italy
2 destinations 20/week
Thessaloniki (SKG)Greece
2 destinations 2/week
Pisa (PSA)Italy
2 destinations 28/week
Luxemburg (LUX)Luxembourg
2 destinations 12/week
Alghero (AHO)Italy
2 destinations 6/week
Lamezia (SUF)Italy
2 destinations 17/week
Paris (ORY)France
2 destinations 18/week
Florence (FLR)Italy
1 destinations 9/week
Villafranca (VRN)Italy
1 destinations 21/week
London (LCY)United Kingdom
1 destinations 20/week
Berlin (BER)Germany
1 destinations 1/week
Prague (PRG)Czechia
1 destinations 1/week
Pescara (PSR)Italy
1 destinations 11/week
Podgorica (TGD)Montenegro
1 destinations 5/week
Marseille (MRS)France
1 destinations 1/week
Zurich (ZRH)Switzerland
1 destinations 13/week
Torino (TRN)Italy
1 destinations 2/week
Kerkyra/corfu (CFU)Greece
1 destinations 2/week
Keffallinia (EFL)Greece
1 destinations 1/week
Berlin (TXL)Germany
1 destinations 1/week
Trapani (TPS)Italy
1 destinations 1/week
Bologna (BLQ)Italy
1 destinations 7/week
Nice (NCE)France
1 destinations 5/week
Brussels (BRU)Belgium
1 destinations 9/week