Widerøe Airports

Widerøe operates in 190 airports worldwide with a total of 1,989 weekly flights.
Main hub: Flesland (BGO)
IATA code: WF

Oslo (OSL)Norway
21 destinations 147/week
Bergen (BGO)Norway
16 destinations 254/week
Tromsø (TOS)Norway
13 destinations 186/week
Bodø (BOO)Norway
12 destinations 177/week
Trondheim (TRD)Norway
12 destinations 113/week
Hammerfest (HFT)Norway
6 destinations 45/week
Vadsø (VDS)Norway
6 destinations 52/week
Kristiansand (KRS)Norway
5 destinations 54/week
Alta (ALF)Norway
5 destinations 34/week
Evenes (EVE)Norway
4 destinations 39/week
Kirkenes (KKN)Norway
4 destinations 36/week
Båtsfjord (BJF)Norway
4 destinations 19/week
Sogndal (SOG)Norway
4 destinations 41/week
Sandnessjøen (SSJ)Norway
4 destinations 28/week
Mosjøen (MJF)Norway
4 destinations 21/week
Sandefjord (TRF)Norway
4 destinations 95/week
Orsta-Volda (HOV)Norway
4 destinations 21/week
Leknes (LKN)Norway
3 destinations 43/week
Stavanger (SVG)Norway
3 destinations 68/week
Svolvær (SVJ)Norway
3 destinations 39/week
Mo i Rana (MQN)Norway
3 destinations 37/week
Andoya (ANX)Norway
3 destinations 18/week
Stokmarknes (SKN)Norway
3 destinations 38/week
Mehamn (MEH)Norway
3 destinations 17/week
Namsos (OSY)Norway
3 destinations 23/week
Brønnøysund (BNN)Norway
3 destinations 24/week
Roervik (RVK)Norway
3 destinations 23/week
Vardø (VAW)Norway
3 destinations 22/week
Berlevåg (BVG)Norway
3 destinations 16/week
Göteborg (GOT)Sweden
2 destinations 13/week
Copenhagen (CPH)Denmark
2 destinations 30/week
Røst (RET)Norway
2 destinations 12/week
Sørkjosen (SOJ)Norway
2 destinations 15/week
Honningsvåg (HVG)Norway
2 destinations 18/week
Florø (FRO)Norway
2 destinations 33/week
Aberdeen (ABZ)United Kingdom
2 destinations 22/week
Hasvik (HAA)Norway
2 destinations 17/week
Anda (SDN)Norway
2 destinations 17/week
Kristiansund (KSU)Norway
2 destinations 23/week
Antalya (AYT)Turkey
2 destinations 2/week
Ålesund (AES)Norway
1 destinations 22/week
Hamburg (HAM)Germany
1 destinations 8/week
Haugesund (HAU)Norway
1 destinations 11/week
Bringeland (FDE)Norway
1 destinations 30/week
Billund (BLL)Denmark
1 destinations 4/week
Munich (MUC)Germany
1 destinations 7/week
London (STN)United Kingdom
1 destinations 7/week
Røros (RRS)Norway
1 destinations 18/week
Lakselv (LKL)Norway
1 destinations 19/week
Molde (MOL)Norway
1 destinations 15/week
Liverpool (LPL)United Kingdom
1 destinations 5/week