VietJet Air Airports

VietJet Air operates in 190 airports worldwide with a total of 4,264 weekly flights.
Main hub: Tan Son Nhat Intl (SGN)
IATA code: VJ

Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)Vietnam
31 destinations 1,392/week
Hanoi (HAN)Vietnam
25 destinations 812/week
Nha Trang (CXR)Vietnam
17 destinations 233/week
Da Nang (DAD)Vietnam
12 destinations 434/week
Hai Phong (HPH)Vietnam
10 destinations 161/week
Cân Tho (VCA)Vietnam
9 destinations 104/week
Seoul (ICN)South Korea
7 destinations 93/week
Da Lat (DLI)Vietnam
6 destinations 81/week
Vinh City (VII)Vietnam
5 destinations 118/week
Phú Quóc (PQC)Vietnam
5 destinations 152/week
Buon Me Thuot (BMV)Vietnam
4 destinations 44/week
Taipei (TPE)Taiwan, Province of China
3 destinations 47/week
Pleiku (PXU)Vietnam
3 destinations 31/week
Singapore (SIN)Singapore
3 destinations 31/week
Bangkok (BKK)Thailand
3 destinations 37/week
Tho Xuan (THD)Vietnam
3 destinations 107/week
Hong Kong (HKG)Hong Kong
3 destinations 32/week
Taichung (RMQ)Taiwan, Province of China
2 destinations 21/week
Denpasar (DPS)Indonesia
2 destinations 14/week
Tokyo (NRT)Japan
2 destinations 14/week
Tuy Hòa (TBB)Vietnam
2 destinations 27/week
Chu Lai (VCL)Vietnam
2 destinations 84/week
Osaka (KIX)Japan
2 destinations 14/week
Busan (PUS)South Korea
2 destinations 13/week
Kaohsiung (KHH)Taiwan, Province of China
2 destinations 49/week
Huê' (HUI)Vietnam
2 destinations 122/week
West Palm Beach (PBI)United States
2 destinations 4/week
Changsha (CSX)China
2 destinations 8/week
Qui Nhon (UIH)Vietnam
2 destinations 74/week
Yangon (RGN)Myanmar
1 destinations 14/week
Daegu (TAE)South Korea
1 destinations 9/week
Guangzhou (CAN)China
1 destinations 1/week
Phuket (HKT)Thailand
1 destinations 7/week
Cancún (CUN)Mexico
1 destinations 1/week
Reykjavík (KEF)Iceland
1 destinations 1/week
London (LTN)United Kingdom
1 destinations 9/week
Siem Reap (REP)Cambodia
1 destinations 8/week
Dong Hoi (VDH)Vietnam
1 destinations 8/week
Quang Ninh (VDO)Vietnam
1 destinations 7/week
Kunming (KMG)China
1 destinations 3/week
Guiyang (KWE)China
1 destinations 7/week
Xi'an (XIY)China
1 destinations 2/week
Hangzhou (HGH)China
1 destinations 9/week
Tokyo (HND)Japan
1 destinations 11/week
Chongqing (CKG)China
1 destinations 3/week
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)Malaysia
1 destinations 14/week
Chiang Mai (CNX)Thailand
1 destinations 4/week
Tainan (TNN)Taiwan, Province of China
1 destinations 10/week
Chengdu (CTU)China
1 destinations 6/week
Zhengzhou (CGO)China
1 destinations 3/week