Direct Flights
from Sydney SYD

3,661 weekly flights departing from Kingsford Smith
Serving 41 domestic and 57 international routes.
Main airline: Qantas
Departure city: Sydney, Australia

Lara (AVV)58/week 1h30min from $25
Ballina (BNK)64/week 1h15min from $31
Coolangatta/Gold Coast (OOL)220/week 1h20min from $32
Launceston (LST)37/week 1h45min from $39
Maroochydore (MCY)76/week 1h35min from $39
Coffs Harbour (CFS)72/week 1h05min from $39
Brisbane (BNE)368/week 1h25min from $40
Melbourne (MEL)438/week 1h25min from $47
Adelaide (ADL)149/week 2h05min from $51
Hobart (HBA)89/week 1h55min from $54
Proserpine (PPP)9/week 2h30min from $59
Hamilton Island (HTI)35/week 2h30min from $62
Cairns (CNS)103/week 3h00min from $66
Townsville (TSV)26/week 2h40min from $70
Newcastle (NTL)18/week 0h45min from $70
Canberra (CBR)226/week 0h55min from $73
Port Macquarie (PQQ)62/week 1h00min from $77
Parkes (PKE)17/week 1h05min from $78
Tamworth (TMW)57/week 1h00min from $79
Albury (ABX)78/week 1h15min from $79
Orange (OAG)40/week 0h50min from $85
Yulara (AYQ)14/week 3h30min from $87
Armidale (ARM)53/week 1h15min from $93
Moruya (MYA)12/week 0h50min from $94
Bathurst (BHS)18/week 0h50min from $94
Hervey Bay (HVB)10/week 1h45min from $94
Taree (TRO)11/week 1h00min from $95
Mudgee (DGE)10/week 0h50min from $95
Narrandera (NRA)13/week 1h25min from $101
Griffith (GFF)25/week 1h30min from $101
Moree (MRZ)18/week 1h35min from $107
Perth (PER)97/week 4h55min from $108
Darwin (DRW)34/week 4h30min from $118
Inverell (IVR)4/week 2h10min from $120
Narrabri (NAA)5/week 1h15min from $125
Wagga Wagga (WGA)72/week 1h10min from $135
Dubbo (DBO)75/week 1h00min from $140
Toowoomba (WTB)18/week 1h40min from $172
Alice Springs (ASP)12/week 3h10min from $179
Lord Howe Island (LDH)17/week 2h00min from $366
Broome (BME)3/week 5h10min from $577
Vancouver (YVR)21/week 14h05min from $808
Santiago (SCL)20/week 12h20min from $741
Beijing (PEK)24/week 11h00min from $223
Qingdao (TAO)6/week 11h25min from $231
Haikou (HAK)4/week 9h40min from $242
Changsha (CSX)2/week 10h10min from $244
Chongqing (CKG)2/week 10h35min from $250
Shenzhen (SZX)4/week 9h30min from $256
Guangzhou (CAN)16/week 9h15min from $258
Xiamen (XMN)6/week 9h15min from $276
Fuzhou (FOC)3/week 9h35min from $276
Hangzhou (HGH)3/week 10h10min from $278
Wuhan (WUH)3/week 10h45min from $287
Chengdu (CTU)6/week 10h55min from $308
Nanjing (NKG)3/week 11h00min from $309
Shanghai (PVG)21/week 10h20min from $428
Cook Islands
Avarua (RAR)1/week 5h45min from $184
Nadi (NAN)55/week 3h40min from $132
Suva (SUV)1/week 4h15min from $272
Hong Kong
Hong Kong (HKG)63/week 9h10min from $307
New Delhi (DEL)11/week 11h35min from $376
Denpasar (DPS)63/week 5h15min from $163
Jakarta (CGK)19/week 6h25min from $272
Tokyo (HND)28/week 9h25min from $292
Osaka (KIX)7/week 9h55min from $299
Sapporo (CTS)3/week 11h05min from $614
Tokyo (NRT)7/week 9h45min from $687
Riga (RIX)2/week 4h50min from $86
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)28/week 7h50min from $168
New Caledonia
Nouméa (NOU)12/week 2h45min from $216
New Zealand
Auckland (AKL)123/week 3h00min from $121
Queenstown (ZQN)45/week 2h55min from $147
Wellington (WLG)38/week 3h10min from $162
Christchurch (CHC)48/week 3h05min from $169
Norfolk Island
Norfolk Island (NLK)5/week 2h35min from $238
Papua New Guinea
Port Moresby (POM)2/week 3h00min from $284
Manila (MNL)24/week 6h55min from $163
Doha (DOH)21/week 14h55min from $630
Apia (APW)7/week 5h15min from $246
Singapore (SIN)74/week 8h00min from $139
South Africa
Johannesburg (JNB)7/week 14h00min from $799
South Korea
Seoul (ICN)21/week 10h30min from $601
Taiwan, Province of China
Taipei (TPE)11/week 9h10min from $439
Phuket (HKT)6/week 9h00min from $163
Bangkok (BKK)23/week 9h20min from $315
Nuku'alofa (TBU)2/week 4h30min from $259
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi (AUH)21/week 14h35min from $548
Dubai (DXB)21/week 14h10min from $902
United States
Honolulu (HNL)20/week 9h20min from $194
Houston (IAH)14/week 15h25min from $451
Los Angeles (LAX)53/week 13h35min from $606
San Francisco (SFO)21/week 13h25min from $690
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)7/week 15h15min from $827
Port Vila (VLI)14/week 2h30min from $197
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)20/week 7h25min from $194
Hanoi (HAN)6/week 8h25min from $387