Sky Express Airports

Sky Express operates in 96 airports worldwide with a total of 664 weekly flights.
Main hub: Eleftherios Venizelos Intl (ATH)
IATA code: GQ

Athens (ATH)Greece
26 destinations 275/week
Thessaloniki (SKG)Greece
6 destinations 15/week
Mytilene (MJT)Greece
4 destinations 22/week
Chios (JKH)Greece
4 destinations 16/week
Rhodos (RHO)Greece
4 destinations 15/week
Samos (SMI)Greece
4 destinations 16/week
Kos (KGS)Greece
4 destinations 21/week
Preveza/Lefkada (PVK)Greece
3 destinations 6/week
Kerkyra (CFU)Greece
3 destinations 20/week
Kefallinia Island (EFL)Greece
3 destinations 11/week
Heraklion (HER)Greece
3 destinations 29/week
Karpathos (AOK)Greece
3 destinations 12/week
Kalymnos (JKL)Greece
3 destinations 8/week
Zakinthos (ZTH)Greece
2 destinations 11/week
Sitia (JSH)Greece
2 destinations 4/week
Leros (LRS)Greece
2 destinations 4/week
Alexandroupolis (AXD)Greece
2 destinations 16/week
Astypalaia Island (JTY)Greece
2 destinations 6/week
Lemnos (LXS)Greece
2 destinations 9/week
Kozani (KZI)Greece
2 destinations 2/week
Kasos Island (KSJ)Greece
1 destinations 4/week
Mykonos Island (JMK)Greece
1 destinations 10/week
Ikaria (JIK)Greece
1 destinations 4/week
Kithira (KIT)Greece
1 destinations 3/week
Kastoria (KSO)Greece
1 destinations 1/week
Ioannina (IOA)Greece
1 destinations 7/week
Chania (CHQ)Greece
1 destinations 21/week
Naxos (JNX)Greece
1 destinations 10/week
Skiros (SKU)Greece
1 destinations 2/week
Milos (MLO)Greece
1 destinations 7/week
Paros (PAS)Greece
1 destinations 11/week
Santorini (JTR)Greece
1 destinations 63/week
Syros Island (JSY)Greece
1 destinations 5/week
Skiathos (JSI)Greece
1 destinations 4/week
Madison (MSN)United States
1 destinations 2/week