Direct Flights
from Shanghai SHA

6,713 weekly flights departing from Shanghai Hongqiao Intl
Serving 107 domestic and 83 international routes.
Main airline: China Eastern Airlines
Departure city: Shanghai, China

Xiamen (XMN)185/week 1h45min from $37
Quanzhou (JJN)57/week 1h40min from $41
Qingdao (TAO)214/week 1h30min from $41
Enshi (ENH)7/week 2h35min from $44
Tianjin (TSN)109/week 2h05min from $44
Taiyuan (TYN)87/week 2h10min from $44
Shenyang (SHE)174/week 2h20min from $44
Changchun (CGQ)138/week 2h35min from $46
Chongqing (CKG)227/week 2h40min from $48
Jieyang (SWA)84/week 1h55min from $49
Dalian (DLC)170/week 1h55min from $49
Changde (CGD)12/week 2h25min from $51
Shijiazhuang (SJW)30/week 2h05min from $53
Harbin (HRB)133/week 2h50min from $53
Guiyang (KWE)94/week 2h40min from $55
Zhuhai (ZUH)73/week 2h30min from $55
Nanning (NNG)88/week 2h50min from $56
Anshun (AVA)3/week 3h20min from $56
Zhanjiang (ZHA)34/week 2h45min from $56
Guangzhou (CAN)341/week 2h20min from $58
Ningbo (NGB)7/week 0h55min from $58
Guilin (KWL)52/week 2h35min from $59
Wuyishan (WUS)12/week 1h15min from $59
Huai'an (HIA)14/week 1h10min from $59
Chizhou (JUH)7/week 1h20min from $60
Qianjiang (JIQ)5/week 2h35min from $62
Yinchuan (INC)42/week 2h50min from $63
Zunyi (ZYI)28/week 2h40min from $68
Xinyang (XAI)14/week 1h50min from $68
Chengdu (CTU)246/week 2h55min from $71
Yichang (YIH)24/week 2h10min from $73
Mianyang (MIG)28/week 3h05min from $73
Shiyan (WDS)12/week 1h50min from $75
Shenzhen (SZX)304/week 2h20min from $75
Kunming (KMG)141/week 3h10min from $77
Hengyang (HNY)7/week 2h10min from $77
Anqing (AQG)7/week 1h35min from $77
Changsha (CSX)130/week 1h45min from $78
Lanzhou (LHW)101/week 3h05min from $82
Fuyang (FUG)7/week 1h25min from $82
Zhengzhou (CGO)105/week 1h55min from $83
Ji'an (JGS)11/week 1h55min from $89
Dongying (DOY)14/week 1h45min from $90
Fuzhou (FOC)67/week 1h25min from $92
Rizhao (RIZ)11/week 1h35min from $93
Zhoushan (HSN)12/week 1h05min from $95
Baotou (BAV)24/week 2h55min from $97
Zunyi (WMT)7/week 2h55min from $97
Beihai (BHY)21/week 3h05min from $97
Lüliang (LLV)4/week 2h45min from $99
Nanchang (KHN)54/week 1h35min from $99
Sanya (SYX)103/week 3h05min from $100
Luoyang (LYA)14/week 2h05min from $101
Ordos (DSN)28/week 2h55min from $104
Wenzhou (WNZ)55/week 1h10min from $104
Qingyang (IQN)3/week 3h10min from $105
Hohhot (HET)49/week 2h45min from $106
Xi'an (XIY)205/week 2h25min from $107
Zhangjiakou (ZQZ)10/week 2h25min from $107
Beijing (PEK)279/week 2h10min from $108
Linyi (LYI)21/week 1h30min from $109
Huaihua (HJJ)3/week 3h00min from $109
Ganzhou (KOW)21/week 1h50min from $112
Lianyungang (LYG)29/week 1h15min from $117
Nanjing (NKG)7/week 1h05min from $118
Handan (HDG)14/week 2h10min from $121
Weihai (WEH)36/week 1h50min from $122
Yingkou (YKH)14/week 2h10min from $122
Hefei (HFE)7/week 1h25min from $129
Bijie (BFJ)7/week 3h05min from $133
Yuncheng (YCU)28/week 2h10min from $134
Jingdezhen (JDZ)7/week 1h15min from $136
Tangshan (TVS)7/week 2h15min from $136
Yantai (YNT)89/week 1h40min from $139
Yulin (UYN)14/week 3h00min from $140
Jinan (TNA)42/week 1h50min from $141
Jining (JNG)7/week 1h50min from $143
Zhangjiajie (DYG)17/week 2h20min from $145
Jinzhou (JNZ)14/week 2h15min from $148
Qinhuangdao (BPE)7/week 2h10min from $150
Xinzhou (WUT)11/week 2h50min from $150
Liuzhou (LZH)28/week 2h35min from $162
Sanming (SQJ)5/week 1h45min from $164
Datong (DAT)14/week 2h55min from $167
Yanji (YNJ)7/week 2h50min from $169
Dazhou (DAX)7/week 3h15min from $169
Wanzhou (WXN)7/week 2h40min from $169
Wuhan (WUH)133/week 1h55min from $170
Yancheng (YNZ)7/week 1h35min from $179
Dandong (DDG)5/week 2h05min from $183
Xining (XNN)34/week 3h15min from $185
Xingyi (ACX)7/week 3h30min from $189
Luzhou (LZO)14/week 3h25min from $192
Lijiang (LJG)28/week 3h45min from $195
Yibin (YBP)7/week 3h15min from $197
Changzhi (CIH)7/week 2h25min from $198
Xiangyang (XFN)14/week 2h05min from $198
Nanyang (NNY)7/week 2h05min from $199
Ürümqi (URC)72/week 5h05min from $201
Tongliao (TGO)7/week 3h10min from $207
Hami (HMI)4/week 4h30min from $209
Tongren (TEN)7/week 2h45min from $232
Linfen (LFQ)7/week 2h35min from $236
Huizhou (HUZ)10/week 2h35min from $248
Hanzhong (HZG)4/week 3h15min from $260
Xiaguan (DLU)14/week 3h35min from $267
Nanchong (NAO)7/week 3h20min from $273
Guangyuan (GYS)7/week 3h10min from $294
Haikou (HAK)53/week 2h50min from $297
Mudanjiang (MDG)5/week 4h45min from $323
Jinghong (JHG)7/week 3h50min from $414
Lhasa (LXA)8/week 7h00min from $415
Mang City (LUM)7/week 4h15min from $416
Kashgar (KHG)1/week 9h05min from $713
Zhangye (YZY)1/week 5h25min from $1,176
Sydney (SYD)17/week 10h20min from $504
Melbourne (MEL)14/week 10h20min from $787
Brisbane (BNE)7/week 10h00min from $4,260
Wien (VIE)7/week 11h20min from $841
Brussels (BRU)3/week 12h05min from $1,529
Brunei Darussalam
Bandar Seri Begawan (BWN)3/week 4h50min from $483
Sihanoukville (KOS)5/week 4h25min from $346
Siem Reap (REP)7/week 4h15min from $412
Phnom Penh (PNH)7/week 4h10min from $1,203
Vancouver (YVR)18/week 10h20min from $546
Toronto (YYZ)14/week 13h20min from $596
Montréal (YUL)7/week 13h30min from $627
Prague (PRG)7/week 11h40min from $635
Copenhagen (CPH)7/week 11h20min from $857
Addis Ababa (ADD)7/week 11h30min from $2,924
Helsinki (HEL)7/week 10h00min from $774
Paris (CDG)22/week 12h10min from $902
Frankfurt (FRA)21/week 11h40min from $817
Munich (MUC)7/week 11h35min from $1,006
Hong Kong
Hong Kong (HKG)226/week 2h20min from $175
Budapest (BUD)3/week 11h20min from $1,128
New Delhi (DEL)11/week 6h40min from $573
Mumbai (BOM)5/week 10h25min from $589
Jakarta (CGK)1/week 6h10min from $553
Denpasar (DPS)7/week 6h30min from $695
Tel Aviv (TLV)3/week 11h55min from $2,603
Milan (MXP)7/week 12h20min from $706
Rome (FCO)7/week 12h40min from $972
Saga (HSG)7/week 1h30min from $113
Takamatsu (TAK)5/week 1h55min from $113
Hiroshima (HIJ)7/week 2h00min from $277
Okayama (OKJ)7/week 2h05min from $277
Shizuoka (FSZ)7/week 2h30min from $303
Nagasaki (NGS)2/week 1h35min from $306
Nagoya (NGO)28/week 2h05min from $338
Sendai (SDJ)6/week 2h45min from $341
Tokyo (HND)73/week 2h25min from $346
Osaka (KIX)75/week 1h45min from $351
Tokyo (NRT)70/week 2h35min from $364
Sapporo (CTS)9/week 3h15min from $437
Komatsu (KMQ)4/week 2h05min from $745
Niigata (KIJ)2/week 2h30min from $791
Kagoshima (KOJ)2/week 1h40min from $796
Toyama (TOY)2/week 2h30min from $814
Matsuyama (MYJ)2/week 1h55min from $814
Fukuoka (FUK)21/week 1h40min from $1,191
Okinawa (OKA)14/week 2h30min from $1,255
Morioka (HNA)2/week 2h55min from $2,092
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Vientiane (VTE)2/week 3h50min from $234
Macau (MFM)78/week 2h10min from $205
Kota-Kinabalu (BKI)9/week 4h30min from $226
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)28/week 5h35min from $338
Malé (MLE)7/week 8h40min from $282
Mauritius (MRU)2/week 11h20min from $716
México City (MEX)1/week 14h05min from $1,262
Yangon (RGN)7/week 4h34min from $1,578
Amsterdam (AMS)11/week 11h45min from $1,152
New Zealand
Auckland (AKL)14/week 11h15min from $965
Manila (MNL)20/week 3h35min from $76
Luzon (CRK)7/week 3h40min from $96
Lapu-Lapu (CEB)13/week 4h10min from $100
Kalibo (KLO)7/week 3h55min from $103
Doha (DOH)7/week 10h20min from $1,277
Russian Federation
Vladivostok (VVO)2/week 3h05min from $175
Novosibirsk (OVB)2/week 6h25min from $271
Moscow (SVO)28/week 9h30min from $414
St. Petersburg (LED)6/week 10h15min from $803
Singapore (SIN)63/week 5h15min from $407
South Korea
Seoul (GMP)28/week 1h45min from $221
Seoul (ICN)98/week 1h40min from $344
Busan (PUS)23/week 1h55min from $359
Jeju (CJU)10/week 1h30min from $725
Daegu (TAE)7/week 2h00min from $782
Muan (MWX)2/week 1h35min from $782
Barcelona (BCN)4/week 13h20min from $670
Madrid (MAD)6/week 13h45min from $870
Sri Lanka
Colombo (CMB)8/week 6h55min from $391
Stockholm (ARN)8/week 10h30min from $585
Zürich (ZRH)7/week 12h20min from $921
Taiwan, Province of China
Kaohsiung (KHH)15/week 2h10min from $135
Taipei (TSA)38/week 1h35min from $240
Taipei (TPE)72/week 1h45min from $274
Bangkok (DMK)9/week 4h20min from $119
Krabi (KBV)1/week 5h50min from $146
Phuket (HKT)16/week 5h00min from $165
Bangkok (BKK)56/week 4h25min from $254
Chiang Mai (CNX)7/week 4h20min from $539
Istanbul (IST)7/week 11h45min from $1,099
United Arab Emirates
Dubai (DXB)18/week 8h50min from $459
Abu Dhabi (AUH)8/week 9h30min from $1,108
United Kingdom
London (LHR)21/week 12h05min from $684
London (LGW)7/week 12h20min from $1,162
United States
Atlanta (ATL)13/week 14h25min from $600
Los Angeles (LAX)28/week 11h15min from $633
Honolulu (HNL)11/week 8h35min from $684
San Francisco (SFO)21/week 10h50min from $685
Chicago (ORD)14/week 13h25min from $717
New York (JFK)14/week 14h40min from $776
Newark (EWR)7/week 14h25min from $787
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)3/week 13h10min from $889
Boston (BOS)4/week 14h10min from $892
Seattle (SEA)7/week 11h00min from $946
Detroit (DTW)7/week 13h32min from $1,129
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)20/week 4h10min from $171
Hanoi (HAN)7/week 3h50min from $200