Direct Flights
from Shanghai PVG
with Shanghai Airlines

2,416 weekly flights departing from Pudong Intl
Serving 259 domestic and 47 international routes.
Departure city: Shanghai, China

Baotou (BAV)14/week 2h55min from $140
Changchun (CGQ)21/week 2h40min from $104
Changsha (CSX)3/week 2h10min from $161
Chengdu (CTU)2/week 3h30min from $240
Chongqing (CKG)6/week 2h45min from $181
Dalian (DLC)14/week 1h55min from $138
Guangzhou (CAN)18/week 2h20min from $188
Guilin (KWL)14/week 2h35min from $116
Guiyang (KWE)1/week 3h10min from $298
Haikou (HAK)14/week 2h50min from $310
Harbin (HRB)7/week 2h55min from $142
Hengyang (HNY)7/week 2h10min from $77
Hohhot (HET)7/week 2h40min from $170
Jieyang (SWA)9/week 2h20min from $147
Jining (JNG)3/week 1h50min from $144
Jinzhou (JNZ)3/week 2h25min from $149
Kunming (KMG)1/week 5h00min from $413
Lanzhou (LHW)7/week 3h20min from $180
Lianyungang (LYG)9/week 1h15min from $118
Linfen (LFQ)2/week 2h50min from $224
Linyi (LYI)3/week 1h35min from $170
Mianyang (MIG)7/week 3h05min from $179
Mudanjiang (MDG)4/week 4h55min from $322
Nanchang (KHN)1/week 1h55min from $99
Nanning (NNG)28/week 2h55min from $121
Ordos (DSN)7/week 2h55min from $104
Qinhuangdao (BPE)7/week 2h10min from $150
Rizhao (RIZ)7/week 1h35min from $93
Sanya (SYX)3/week 3h30min from $421
Shenyang (SHE)28/week 2h20min from $138
Tangshan (TVS)7/week 2h15min from $136
Tianjin (TSN)8/week 2h10min from $89
Tongliao (TGO)1/week 3h10min from $207
Wanzhou (WXN)3/week 2h40min from $169
Weihai (WEH)7/week 1h55min from $122
Wenzhou (WNZ)14/week 1h20min from $104
Wuhan (WUH)7/week 1h55min from $171
Xi'an (XIY)3/week 2h40min from $185
Xiamen (XMN)14/week 1h55min from $154
Xining (XNN)1/week 3h45min from $185
Xinzhou (WUT)5/week 2h50min from $150
Yichang (YIH)7/week 2h10min from $132
Yinchuan (INC)3/week 3h20min from $176
Yuncheng (YCU)7/week 2h10min from $135
Zhangjiajie (DYG)14/week 2h20min from $145
Zhanjiang (ZHA)14/week 2h45min from $192
Zhengzhou (CGO)21/week 1h55min from $149
Zhuhai (ZUH)3/week 2h50min from $316
Ürümqi (URC)7/week 5h40min from $288
Hong Kong
Hong Kong (HKG)1/week 3h10min from $192
Budapest (BUD)3/week 11h20min from $1,131
Osaka (KIX)7/week 2h05min from $442
Tokyo (HND)3/week 2h30min from $917
Toyama (TOY)2/week 2h30min from $745
Macau (MFM)7/week 2h20min from $505
Kota-Kinabalu (BKI)7/week 4h30min from $226
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)14/week 5h40min from $341
South Korea
Busan (PUS)7/week 1h55min from $727
Seoul (ICN)6/week 1h50min from $801
Taiwan, Province of China
Taipei (TSA)10/week 1h35min from $277
Bangkok (BKK)28/week 4h30min from $276
Krabi (KBV)1/week 5h50min from $165
Phuket (HKT)14/week 5h10min from $315