Direct Flights
from San Francisco SFO

1,629 weekly flights departing from San Francisco Intl
Serving 77 domestic and 35 international routes.
Main airline: United Airlines
Departure city: San Francisco, United States

Long Beach (LGB)39/week 1h20min from $45
Santa Ana (SNA)38/week 1h29min from $52
San Diego (SAN)59/week 1h26min from $52
Las Vegas (LAS)51/week 1h26min from $56
Los Angeles (LAX)81/week 1h18min from $56
Boise (BOI)24/week 1h30min from $56
Denver (DEN)45/week 2h25min from $62
Phoenix (PHX)39/week 1h55min from $67
Portland (PDX)46/week 1h40min from $68
Seattle (SEA)77/week 1h56min from $68
Spokane (GEG)16/week 1h55min from $79
Burbank (BUR)19/week 1h15min from $79
Reno (RNO)12/week 0h58min from $90
Minneapolis (MSP)26/week 3h34min from $93
Missoula (MSO)5/week 2h15min from $101
Ontario (ONT)17/week 1h18min from $102
Redmond (RDM)15/week 1h29min from $102
Palm Springs (PSP)30/week 1h20min from $102
Chicago (ORD)54/week 3h57min from $103
Salt Lake City (SLC)34/week 1h41min from $113
Anchorage (ANC)28/week 4h45min from $113
Tucson (TUS)12/week 2h00min from $113
Austin (AUS)21/week 3h25min from $113
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)38/week 3h23min from $124
Albuquerque (ABQ)5/week 2h30min from $136
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)12/week 5h18min from $148
Newark (EWR)58/week 5h04min from $154
Boston (BOS)39/week 5h26min from $155
Orlando (MCO)15/week 5h25min from $156
Sacramento (SMF)15/week 0h50min from $159
Houston (IAH)24/week 3h45min from $159
Chicago (MDW)3/week 4h10min from $160
Mammoth Lakes (MMH)2/week 1h13min from $165
Dallas (DAL)9/week 3h45min from $170
New York (JFK)53/week 5h22min from $171
Kahului (OGG)18/week 5h25min from $176
Kailua/Kona (KOA)12/week 5h16min from $177
Lihue (LIH)6/week 5h56min from $177
Honolulu (HNL)21/week 5h40min from $177
Everett (PAE)6/week 2h12min from $182
Miami (MIA)15/week 5h25min from $188
San Antonio (SAT)3/week 3h26min from $189
Tampa (TPA)8/week 5h00min from $193
Medford (MFR)12/week 1h18min from $194
Charlotte (CLT)15/week 5h05min from $196
St. Louis (STL)3/week 4h14min from $200
New Orléans (MSY)3/week 4h08min from $200
Indianapolis (IND)5/week 4h16min from $201
Detroit (DTW)15/week 4h29min from $201
Rapid City (RAP)6/week 2h49min from $203
Redding (RDD)9/week 0h58min from $205
Santa Barbara (SBA)21/week 1h26min from $205
Fresno (FAT)12/week 1h01min from $205
Pasco (PSC)6/week 1h49min from $209
Fairbanks (FAI)3/week 4h55min from $212
Philadelphia (PHL)23/week 5h16min from $222
North Bend (OTH)2/week 1h40min from $228
Arcata/Eureka (ACV)9/week 1h18min from $228
Nashville (BNA)5/week 4h29min from $229
Monterey (MRY)6/week 0h44min from $240
Bakersfield (BFL)3/week 1h13min from $240
San Luis Obispo (SBP)15/week 1h06min from $240
Eugene (EUG)12/week 1h28min from $251
Baltimore (BWI)5/week 5h00min from $263
Covington (CVG)3/week 4h18min from $263
Washington (DCA)6/week 5h20min from $267
Washington (IAD)26/week 4h59min from $269
Oklahoma City (OKC)3/week 3h16min from $270
Santa Rosa (STS)1/week 0h45min from $282
Atlanta (ATL)25/week 4h27min from $286
Kalispell (FCA)16/week 2h35min from $299
Kansas City (MCI)6/week 3h19min from $309
Pittsburgh (PIT)6/week 4h56min from $311
Milwaukee (MKE)1/week 5h35min from $313
Houston (HOU)3/week 5h55min from $319
New York (LGA)1/week 9h05min from $320
Raleigh/Durham (RDU)6/week 5h10min from $332
Bozeman (BZN)6/week 2h24min from $332
Aspen (ASE)6/week 2h16min from $343
Cleveland (CLE)6/week 4h50min from $356
Columbus (CMH)3/week 4h34min from $361
Omaha (OMA)6/week 3h31min from $365
Jackson (JAC)6/week 2h15min from $372
Madison (MSN)3/week 4h05min from $408
Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers (XNA)3/week 3h35min from $414
Hailey/Sun Valley (SUN)3/week 2h08min from $441
Sacramento (SAC)12/week 0h39min from $2,061
Stockton (SCK)1/week 0h35min from $3,512
Melbourne (MEL)7/week 15h30min from $1,179
Sydney (SYD)2/week 15h20min from $15,546
Vancouver (YVR)18/week 2h10min from $97
Calgary (YYC)2/week 2h43min from $109
Toronto (YYZ)12/week 4h47min from $126
Montréal (YUL)6/week 5h19min from $137
Edmonton (YEG)6/week 3h07min from $154
Qingdao (TAO)3/week 13h40min from $330
Shanghai (PVG)9/week 13h30min from $3,014
Guangzhou (CAN)6/week 14h20min from $5,840
Wuhan (WUH)2/week 14h10min from $5,859
Beijing (PEK)3/week 12h40min from $6,172
Chengdu (CTU)1/week 14h30min from $6,689
Copenhagen (CPH)1/week 10h50min from $1,419
El Salvador
San Salvador (SAL)9/week 5h35min from $478
Nadi (NAN)3/week 11h10min from $459
Helsinki (HEL)4/week 10h40min from $837
Paris (ORY)3/week 10h50min from $195
Paris (CDG)4/week 10h35min from $900
French Polynesia
Papeete (PPT)2/week 8h35min from $356
Munich (MUC)3/week 11h15min from $757
Frankfurt (FRA)4/week 11h05min from $776
Hong Kong
Hong Kong (HKG)18/week 14h50min from $650
Reykjavík (KEF)2/week 8h40min from $281
New Delhi (DEL)6/week 16h00min from $703
Dublin (DUB)3/week 10h15min from $677
Tel Aviv (TLV)3/week 13h50min from $691
Milan (MXP)8/week 11h40min from $458
Tokyo (NRT)8/week 11h05min from $1,013
Osaka (KIX)6/week 12h00min from $1,080
Tokyo (HND)3/week 11h20min from $1,210
México City (MEX)12/week 4h10min from $123
Puerto Vallarta (PVR)13/week 3h38min from $136
Los Cabos (SJD)17/week 3h05min from $136
Guadalajara (GDL)3/week 3h54min from $260
Cancún (CUN)25/week 4h52min from $264
Amsterdam (AMS)2/week 10h10min from $904
New Zealand
Auckland (AKL)10/week 12h55min from $979
Panamá City (PTY)6/week 7h16min from $908
Manila (MNL)3/week 14h50min from $737
Lisbon (LIS)2/week 10h50min from $418
Singapore (SIN)9/week 17h30min from $561
South Korea
Seoul (ICN)9/week 12h35min from $712
Barcelona (BCN)3/week 11h40min from $288
Madrid (MAD)3/week 11h20min from $570
Zürich (ZRH)1/week 10h55min from $738
Taiwan, Province of China
Taipei (TPE)12/week 13h50min from $537
Istanbul (SAW)13/week 6h05min from $132
Istanbul (IST)3/week 12h55min from $1,167
United Arab Emirates
Dubai (DXB)6/week 15h35min from $1,081
United Kingdom
London (LGW)3/week 10h25min from $216
Manchester (MAN)3/week 10h10min from $254
London (LHR)12/week 10h15min from $436