Direct Flights
from Quanzhou JJN

231 weekly flights departing from Quanzhou
Serving 35 domestic and 2 international routes.
Main airline: Shenzhen Airlines
Departure city: Quanzhou, China

Lanzhou (LHW)3/week 3h35min from $49
Shanghai (PVG)15/week 1h40min from $49
Shanghai (SHA)8/week 1h25min from $60
Sanya (SYX)14/week 2h15min from $77
Shijiazhuang (SJW)3/week 2h50min from $81
Hangzhou (HGH)7/week 1h20min from $90
Wuhan (WUH)11/week 1h45min from $92
Zhoushan (HSN)14/week 1h25min from $95
Hefei (HFE)6/week 1h45min from $98
Nantong (NTG)4/week 1h40min from $102
Nanjing (NKG)12/week 1h35min from $109
Changzhou (CZX)3/week 1h30min from $109
Guiyang (KWE)9/week 2h15min from $111
Changsha (CSX)9/week 1h35min from $119
Shenzhen (SZX)3/week 1h35min from $122
Nanning (NNG)9/week 2h15min from $136
Guangzhou (CAN)12/week 1h35min from $145
Taiyuan (TYN)4/week 3h00min from $170
Tianjin (TSN)9/week 2h45min from $172
Xi'an (XIY)3/week 3h10min from $181
Chengdu (CTU)6/week 3h00min from $189
Beijing (PEK)3/week 2h55min from $189
Yangzhou (YTY)3/week 1h55min from $191
Huai'an (HIA)6/week 1h55min from $199
Kunming (KMG)13/week 2h55min from $201
Yuncheng (YCU)3/week 4h20min from $203
Shenyang (SHE)7/week 3h05min from $212
Xuzhou (XUZ)7/week 1h55min from $229
Zhengzhou (CGO)9/week 2h05min from $244
Jinan (TNA)6/week 2h15min from $274
Yantai (YNT)3/week 3h55min from $309
Wuxi (WUX)6/week 1h40min from $318
Zhuhai (ZUH)3/week 1h50min from $456
Guilin (KWL)3/week 1h45min from $568
Haikou (HAK)3/week 1h55min from $708
Chongqing (CKG)6/week 2h50min from $853
Qingdao (TAO)3/week 2h35min from $876
Sihanoukville (KOS)1/week 3h35min from $252
Hong Kong
Hong Kong (HKG)12/week 1h40min from $296
Denpasar (DPS)3/week 5h10min from $417
Macau (MFM)1/week 1h30min from $154
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)3/week 4h45min from $129
Davao City (DVO)4/week 3h30min from $204
Manila (MNL)1/week 2h25min from $211
Lapu-Lapu (CEB)3/week 3h00min from $229
Luzon (CRK)4/week 2h00min from $389
Singapore (SIN)8/week 4h20min from $111
Taiwan, Province of China
Kaohsiung (KHH)2/week 1h30min from $216
Taipei (TPE)3/week 1h55min from $559
Bangkok (BKK)7/week 3h25min from $86
Chiang Mai (CNX)2/week 3h30min from $125