Direct Flights
from Portland PDX
with Alaska Airlines

4,598 weekly flights departing from Portland Intl
Serving 561 domestic and 59 international routes.
Departure city: Portland, United States

Albuquerque (ABQ)3/week 2h45min from $91
Anchorage (ANC)12/week 3h39min from $235
Austin (AUS)3/week 3h55min from $234
Baltimore (BWI)21/week 5h05min from $222
Billings (BIL)6/week 2h10min from $125
Boise (BOI)27/week 1h11min from $102
Boston (BOS)6/week 5h30min from $175
Bozeman (BZN)3/week 1h50min from $126
Burbank (BUR)9/week 2h09min from $90
Chicago (ORD)6/week 3h59min from $149
Dallas (DAL)9/week 3h55min from $136
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)3/week 3h45min from $159
Denver (DEN)6/week 2h30min from $91
Eugene (EUG)6/week 0h39min from $143
Everett (PAE)6/week 0h50min from $79
Fresno (FAT)6/week 1h49min from $113
Honolulu (HNL)3/week 6h03min from $234
Kahului (OGG)6/week 5h55min from $234
Kailua/Kona (KOA)3/week 6h10min from $286
Kalispell (FCA)3/week 1h35min from $148
Kansas City (MCI)3/week 3h35min from $174
Las Vegas (LAS)12/week 2h09min from $90
Lihue (LIH)3/week 6h05min from $286
Los Angeles (LAX)30/week 2h20min from $68
Medford (MFR)18/week 0h57min from $143
Minneapolis (MSP)3/week 3h30min from $113
Missoula (MSO)3/week 1h33min from $172
New York (JFK)3/week 5h23min from $171
Newark (EWR)3/week 5h30min from $171
Oakland (OAK)9/week 1h40min from $113
Omaha (OMA)14/week 3h09min from $157
Ontario (ONT)9/week 2h14min from $79
Orlando (MCO)3/week 5h38min from $195
Palm Springs (PSP)6/week 2h20min from $90
Philadelphia (PHL)7/week 5h00min from $197
Phoenix (PHX)9/week 2h37min from $126
Redmond (RDM)12/week 0h39min from $146
Reno (RNO)12/week 1h27min from $90
Sacramento (SMF)12/week 1h28min from $54
Salt Lake City (SLC)12/week 1h49min from $148
San Diego (SAN)18/week 2h24min from $80
San Francisco (SFO)24/week 1h45min from $68
San José (SJC)15/week 1h45min from $97
Santa Ana (SNA)12/week 2h23min from $137
Santa Barbara (SBA)3/week 2h09min from $189
Santa Rosa (STS)6/week 1h43min from $67
Seattle (SEA)54/week 0h53min from $79
Spokane (GEG)24/week 1h03min from $103
Tucson (TUS)3/week 2h50min from $212
Washington (DCA)3/week 5h05min from $261
Vancouver (YVR)3/week 1h10min from $166
Los Cabos (SJD)1/week 4h03min from $266
Puerto Vallarta (PVR)3/week 4h29min from $218