Direct Flights
from México City MEX
with VivaAerobus

705 weekly flights departing from Benito Juárez Intl
Serving 203 domestic and 36 international routes.
Departure city: México City, Mexico

Acapulco (ACA)1/week 1h20min from $68
Campeche (CPE)1/week 1h50min from $128
Cancún (CUN)18/week 2h05min from $98
Chetumal (CTM)2/week 2h15min from $87
Chihuahua (CUU)3/week 2h10min from $89
Ciudad Juárez (CJS)3/week 2h40min from $140
Ciudad Obregón (CEN)1/week 2h45min from $50
Ciudad del Carmen (CME)1/week 1h45min from $96
Culiacán (CUL)3/week 1h45min from $80
Durango (DGO)1/week 1h50min from $54
Guadalajara (GDL)12/week 1h15min from $47
Hermosillo (HMO)3/week 2h40min from $135
Huatulco (HUX)3/week 1h15min from $187
Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo (ZIH)1/week 1h25min from $51
La Paz (LAP)2/week 2h30min from $48
Los Cabos (SJD)5/week 2h05min from $102
Los Mochis (LMM)2/week 2h30min from $50
Mazatlán (MZT)3/week 1h55min from $88
Monterrey (MTY)21/week 1h35min from $83
Mérida (MID)7/week 1h45min from $209
Oaxaca (OAX)2/week 1h10min from $45
Puerto Escondido (PXM)6/week 1h10min from $67
Puerto Vallarta (PVR)6/week 1h25min from $53
Reynosa (REX)3/week 1h35min from $124
Tampico (TAM)1/week 1h00min from $74
Tijuana (TIJ)9/week 3h35min from $137
Torreón (TRC)3/week 1h40min from $89
Tuxtla Gutiérrez (TGZ)3/week 1h25min from $71
Veracruz (VER)3/week 1h20min from $47
Villahermosa (VSA)3/week 1h30min from $149
Zacatecas (ZCL)3/week 1h20min from $56
United States
Chicago (ORD)3/week 4h15min from $372
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)1/week 3h00min from $216
Houston (IAH)1/week 2h45min from $486
Las Vegas (LAS)3/week 3h55min from $149
Los Angeles (LAX)1/week 4h25min from $257
New York (JFK)3/week 5h05min from $290
San Antonio (SAT)1/week 2h30min from $538