Direct Flights
from Hangzhou HGH

819 weekly flights departing from Xiaoshan Intl
Serving 52 domestic and 13 international routes.
Main airline: Air China
Departure city: Hangzhou, China

Shijiazhuang (SJW)5/week 2h05min from $44
Jieyang (SWA)8/week 2h00min from $60
Qinhuangdao (BPE)3/week 2h45min from $69
Xinzhou (WUT)3/week 2h35min from $70
Datong (DAT)3/week 5h10min from $71
Ordos (DSN)4/week 2h35min from $75
Taiyuan (TYN)18/week 2h15min from $78
Yulin (UYN)6/week 2h50min from $80
Xiangyang (XFN)1/week 2h00min from $83
Hanzhong (HZG)3/week 2h55min from $84
Shiyan (WDS)6/week 2h35min from $84
Zhengzhou (CGO)21/week 1h50min from $84
Guilin (KWL)11/week 2h05min from $85
Luoyang (LYA)3/week 2h10min from $85
Huai'an (HIA)3/week 1h25min from $85
Qingdao (TAO)25/week 1h45min from $85
Lanzhou (LHW)13/week 3h00min from $87
Shenyang (SHE)12/week 2h35min from $88
Huaihua (HJJ)3/week 2h20min from $90
Chifeng (CIF)6/week 2h40min from $90
Dunhuang (DNH)7/week 4h15min from $91
Linyi (LYI)5/week 1h30min from $92
Baotou (BAV)3/week 4h20min from $93
Xinyang (XAI)3/week 1h55min from $94
Qianjiang (JIQ)3/week 2h40min from $95
Xiamen (XMN)24/week 1h40min from $96
Jinan (TNA)3/week 1h50min from $97
Ulanhot (HLH)3/week 3h35min from $98
Kaili (KJH)3/week 2h45min from $98
Guangzhou (CAN)83/week 2h15min from $101
Anshun (AVA)3/week 3h05min from $102
Xi'an (XIY)35/week 2h25min from $102
Meizhou (MXZ)2/week 2h00min from $102
Rizhao (RIZ)3/week 1h35min from $104
Tianshui (THQ)1/week 3h10min from $106
Nanyang (NNY)14/week 1h50min from $106
Changde (CGD)3/week 2h15min from $116
Xingyi (ACX)6/week 5h00min from $116
Huizhou (HUZ)3/week 2h05min from $117
Zhangjiajie (DYG)2/week 2h10min from $119
Luzhou (LZO)5/week 3h15min from $120
Yuncheng (YCU)6/week 2h00min from $123
Fuyang (FUG)8/week 1h20min from $128
Harbin (HRB)18/week 3h10min from $128
Guiyang (KWE)23/week 2h45min from $131
Yan'an (ENY)3/week 2h30min from $138
Zunyi (ZYI)1/week 4h15min from $138
Wuhan (WUH)14/week 1h40min from $140
Quanzhou (JJN)6/week 1h35min from $140
Chengdu (CTU)34/week 3h05min from $145
Bijie (BFJ)1/week 2h55min from $150
Yantai (YNT)8/week 1h55min from $169
Mudanjiang (MDG)9/week 4h50min from $176
Shenzhen (SZX)73/week 2h10min from $177
Sanya (SYX)20/week 3h00min from $186
Weihai (WEH)3/week 1h55min from $200
Yichang (YIH)3/week 2h20min from $216
Dalian (DLC)14/week 2h00min from $221
Linfen (LFQ)3/week 2h20min from $243
Zhuhai (ZUH)6/week 2h25min from $243
Enshi (ENH)1/week 2h25min from $254
Changsha (CSX)5/week 1h45min from $260
Zhanjiang (ZHA)3/week 2h50min from $277
Haikou (HAK)18/week 2h45min from $280
Hohhot (HET)9/week 2h40min from $284
Tianjin (TSN)6/week 2h10min from $288
Guangyuan (GYS)3/week 2h40min from $291
Nanning (NNG)18/week 2h50min from $293
Liupanshui (LPF)3/week 2h40min from $293
Aksu (AKU)6/week 8h30min from $295
Beihai (BHY)4/week 3h15min from $299
Kunming (KMG)26/week 3h15min from $309
Yinchuan (INC)3/week 3h10min from $310
Yibin (YBP)1/week 3h20min from $313
Chongqing (CKG)33/week 2h40min from $319
Handan (HDG)3/week 2h10min from $328
Changchun (CGQ)11/week 2h50min from $344
Baoshan (BSD)2/week 4h10min from $378
Beijing (PEK)66/week 2h10min from $387
Mianyang (MIG)2/week 3h05min from $387
Yanji (YNJ)1/week 5h05min from $387
Xining (XNN)9/week 3h20min from $394
Zunyi (WMT)3/week 2h30min from $416
Jinghong (JHG)4/week 4h00min from $421
Lijiang (LJG)6/week 3h50min from $458
Ürümqi (URC)9/week 5h20min from $572
Lhasa (LXA)3/week 6h35min from $584
Liuzhou (LZH)3/week 2h35min from $821
Melbourne (MEL)6/week 9h50min from $219
Sydney (SYD)1/week 11h00min from $4,260
Brunei Darussalam
Bandar Seri Begawan (BWN)2/week 4h15min from $512
Siem Reap (REP)3/week 4h05min from $118
Phnom Penh (PNH)2/week 4h10min from $118
Cairo (CAI)1/week 12h00min from $1,239
Hong Kong
Hong Kong (HKG)17/week 2h30min from $166
Rome (FCO)3/week 12h30min from $677
Nagoya (NGO)3/week 2h15min from $15
Sapporo (CTS)2/week 3h30min from $299
Osaka (KIX)6/week 2h20min from $389
Tokyo (NRT)3/week 3h00min from $402
Okinawa (OKA)1/week 2h25min from $1,324
Shizuoka (FSZ)3/week 2h25min from $1,919
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Vientiane (VTE)1/week 3h20min from $349
Macau (MFM)5/week 2h20min from $162
Kota-Kinabalu (BKI)3/week 4h20min from $176
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)1/week 5h05min from $438
Yangon (RGN)2/week 4h35min from $180
Mandalay (MDL)1/week 4h25min from $2,399
Amsterdam (AMS)1/week 15h05min from $1,099
Kalibo (KLO)3/week 3h35min from $46
Doha (DOH)1/week 10h30min from $1,254
Russian Federation
Moscow (SVO)2/week 10h05min from $453
Singapore (SIN)10/week 4h50min from $126
South Korea
Jeju (CJU)9/week 1h25min from $97
Busan (PUS)2/week 2h00min from $250
Cheong Ju (CJJ)4/week 2h10min from $276
Seoul (ICN)9/week 2h10min from $317
Taiwan, Province of China
Taichung (RMQ)2/week 1h55min from $177
Kaohsiung (KHH)2/week 2h10min from $432
Taipei (TPE)3/week 1h55min from $602
Taipei (TSA)1/week 1h50min from $610
Chiang Mai (CNX)4/week 4h25min from $119
Phuket (HKT)4/week 5h00min from $163
Bangkok (BKK)25/week 3h50min from $172
Bangkok (DMK)3/week 4h20min from $210
Surat Thani (URT)1/week 4h55min from $614
United States
Saipan (SPN)2/week 4h45min from $314
Los Angeles (LAX)3/week 11h35min from $352
Da Nang (DAD)6/week 3h15min from $161
Nha Trang (CXR)3/week 3h25min from $225