Direct Flights
from Dallas-Fort Worth DFW
with Envoy Air as American Eagle

47 weekly flights departing from Dallas-Fort Worth Intl
Serving 23 domestic and 3 international routes.
Departure city: Dallas-Fort Worth, United States

Abilene (ABI)7/week 0h49min from $983
Albuquerque (ABQ)3/week 1h47min from $113
Alexandria (AEX)2/week 1h14min from $218
Amarillo (AMA)2/week 1h20min from $67
Asheville (AVL)1/week 2h21min from $557
Atlanta (ATL)1/week 2h18min from $397
Augusta (AGS)2/week 2h24min from $1,063
Bakersfield (BFL)14/week 3h12min from $110
Baton Rouge (BTR)6/week 1h20min from $1,138
Beaumont/Port Arthur (BPT)41/week 1h17min from $229
Billings (BIL)1/week 2h58min from $355
Birmingham (BHM)21/week 1h43min from $88
Bloomington/Normal (BMI)1/week 2h05min from $483
Boise (BOI)2/week 3h15min from $229
Bozeman (BZN)1/week 3h12min from $470
Brownsville (BRO)34/week 1h29min from $137
Buffalo (BUF)14/week 2h56min from $208
Cedar Rapids (CID)2/week 1h56min from $1,298
Champaign/Urbana (CMI)2/week 2h04min from $466
Charleston (CHS)1/week 2h31min from $182
Chattanooga (CHA)2/week 2h04min from $1,431
Chicago (ORD)1/week 2h26min from $34
Cleveland (CLE)1/week 2h43min from $191
College Station (CLL)55/week 0h51min from $55
Colorado Springs (COS)1/week 2h02min from $113
Columbia (CAE)1/week 2h11min from $1,391
Columbia (COU)7/week 1h41min from $241
Columbus (CMH)2/week 2h25min from $134
Corpus Christi (CRP)7/week 1h20min from $150
Covington (CVG)1/week 2h16min from $187
Dayton (DAY)3/week 2h15min from $1,104
Del Rio (DRT)2/week 1h24min from $1,124
Des Moines (DSM)2/week 1h59min from $346
Detroit (DTW)1/week 2h38min from $152
Durango (DRO)14/week 1h59min from $185
Evansville (EVV)21/week 1h53min from $245
Fargo (FAR)2/week 2h32min from $1,190
Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers (XNA)6/week 1h11min from $149
Fort Hood/Killeen (GRK)103/week 0h48min from $55
Fort Smith (FSM)2/week 1h06min from $921
Fort Wayne (FWA)1/week 2h19min from $469
Gainesville (GNV)7/week 2h24min from $154
Garden City (GCK)28/week 1h27min from $243
Grand Island (GRI)3/week 1h44min from $1,052
Grand Junction (GJT)3/week 2h13min from $407
Grand Rapids (GRR)1/week 2h28min from $1,446
Greensboro (GSO)2/week 2h47min from $1,684
Greer (GSP)1/week 2h10min from $389
Gulfport (GPT)21/week 1h34min from $215
Harlingen (HRL)42/week 1h28min from $79
Harrisburg (MDT)13/week 3h06min from $148
Houston (HOU)1/week 1h20min from $136
Houston (IAH)6/week 1h13min from $55
Huntsville (HSV)3/week 1h42min from $320
Indianapolis (IND)1/week 2h08min from $90
Jackson (JAN)3/week 1h24min from $1,028
Jacksonville (JAX)1/week 2h28min from $438
Joplin (JLN)21/week 1h15min from $221
Kalispell (FCA)14/week 3h38min from $201
Kansas City (MCI)1/week 1h29min from $233
Key West (EYW)10/week 2h49min from $230
Knoxville (TYS)3/week 2h05min from $1,196
Lafayette (LFT)23/week 1h20min from $54
Lake Charles (LCH)41/week 1h17min from $55
Laredo (LRD)1/week 1h31min from $147
Lawton (LAW)4/week 0h54min from $929
Lexington (LEX)54/week 2h04min from $227
Little Rock (LIT)7/week 1h13min from $1,056
Longview (GGG)3/week 0h52min from $887
Louisville (SDF)2/week 2h07min from $250
Lubbock (LBB)1/week 1h08min from $242
Madison (MSN)13/week 2h14min from $256
Manhattan (MHK)2/week 1h24min from $310
McAllen (MFE)3/week 1h29min from $378
Memphis (MEM)1/week 1h45min from $67
Midland (MAF)1/week 1h11min from $258
Milwaukee (MKE)1/week 2h18min from $135
Minneapolis (MSP)2/week 2h25min from $149
Missoula (MSO)1/week 3h26min from $530
Mobile (MOB)1/week 1h36min from $183
Moline (MLI)14/week 1h59min from $125
Monroe (MLU)28/week 1h11min from $55
Monterey (MRY)21/week 3h31min from $127
Montgomery (MGM)13/week 1h52min from $248
Myrtle Beach (MYR)1/week 2h45min from $1,335
Nashville (BNA)1/week 1h51min from $89
New Orléans (MSY)1/week 1h31min from $191
Norfolk (ORF)3/week 2h57min from $263
Oklahoma City (OKC)3/week 0h58min from $298
Omaha (OMA)2/week 1h48min from $172
Pensacola (PNS)1/week 1h51min from $1,358
Pittsburgh (PIT)18/week 2h42min from $109
Raleigh/Durham (RDU)1/week 2h44min from $233
Richmond (RIC)12/week 2h51min from $270
Roswell (ROW)2/week 1h36min from $246
San Angelo (SJT)83/week 0h58min from $101
San Luis Obispo (SBP)1/week 3h36min from $1,322
Santa Barbara (SBA)2/week 3h20min from $1,436
Santa Fe (SAF)14/week 1h42min from $296
Santa Rosa (STS)2/week 3h48min from $1,215
Shreveport (SHV)1/week 1h02min from $1,126
Sioux City (SUX)14/week 2h05min from $243
Sioux Falls (FSD)1/week 2h04min from $322
Spokane (GEG)13/week 3h46min from $270
Springfield (SGF)1/week 1h26min from $990
Springfield (SPI)28/week 1h51min from $246
St. Louis (STL)2/week 1h42min from $90
Stillwater (SWO)35/week 1h03min from $147
Tallahassee (TLH)21/week 2h00min from $245
Texarkana (TXK)49/week 1h00min from $166
Traverse City (TVC)18/week 2h41min from $153
Tulsa (TUL)1/week 1h10min from $67
Tyler (TYR)4/week 0h45min from $993
Valparaiso/Destin/Ft. Walton Beach (VPS)1/week 1h54min from $218
Waco (ACT)3/week 0h46min from $161
Wichita (ICT)2/week 1h13min from $298
Wichita Falls (SPS)55/week 0h51min from $169
Wilmington (ILM)5/week 2h41min from $1,389
Calgary (YYC)2/week 3h59min from $1,587
Montréal (YUL)14/week 3h35min from $102
Toronto (YYZ)1/week 3h04min from $2,220
Aguascalientes (AGU)2/week 2h23min from $385
Chihuahua (CUU)34/week 1h55min from $125
Durango (DGO)21/week 2h12min from $117
León (BJX)2/week 2h17min from $295
Monterrey (MTY)69/week 1h39min from $142
Morelia (MLM)1/week 2h31min from $515
Oaxaca (OAX)14/week 2h49min from $142
Querétaro (QRO)2/week 2h38min from $415
Torreón (TRC)21/week 2h03min from $142
Zacatecas (ZCL)1/week 2h30min from $436