Direct Flights
from Dalian DLC
with China Southern Airlines

6,217 weekly flights departing from Zhoushuizi Intl
Serving 1,007 domestic and 22 international routes.
Departure city: Dalian, China

Baotou (BAV)7/week 1h55min from $227
Beijing (PEK)86/week 1h20min from $57
Changsha (CSX)3/week 2h55min from $316
Changzhou (CZX)3/week 1h55min from $174
Chengdu (CTU)7/week 3h30min from $372
Chongqing (CKG)1/week 5h35min from $340
Daqing (DQA)2/week 1h45min from $193
Guangzhou (CAN)21/week 3h40min from $385
Hangzhou (HGH)7/week 2h05min from $220
Hengyang (HNY)1/week 3h05min from $332
Huangshan (TXN)3/week 2h00min from $197
Jiamusi (JMU)2/week 2h00min from $143
Jieyang (SWA)1/week 3h25min from $93
Jinan (TNA)2/week 1h15min from $158
Jining (JNG)6/week 1h45min from $166
Linyi (LYI)6/week 1h10min from $170
Mudanjiang (MDG)3/week 1h50min from $191
Nanchang (KHN)3/week 2h25min from $261
Nanjing (NKG)4/week 1h55min from $181
Nanning (NNG)1/week 5h25min from $376
Nanyang (NNY)24/week 2h05min from $38
Ningbo (NGB)3/week 2h20min from $112
Qingdao (TAO)3/week 1h10min from $181
Qiqihar (NDG)8/week 1h55min from $67
Sanya (SYX)2/week 4h10min from $471
Shanghai (PVG)17/week 1h55min from $243
Shenzhen (SZX)9/week 3h30min from $431
Shijiazhuang (SJW)6/week 1h35min from $159
Taiyuan (TYN)7/week 1h45min from $153
Tianjin (TSN)3/week 1h05min from $155
Wuhan (WUH)9/week 2h20min from $198
Xi'an (XIY)5/week 2h40min from $188
Xiamen (XMN)3/week 3h05min from $334
Xuzhou (XUZ)20/week 1h25min from $54
Yancheng (YNZ)1/week 1h30min from $157
Yanji (YNJ)1/week 1h50min from $198
Zhengzhou (CGO)6/week 2h00min from $174
Zhuhai (ZUH)4/week 5h05min from $415
Nagoya (NGO)4/week 2h10min from $1,632
Osaka (KIX)7/week 2h10min from $1,615
Sapporo (CTS)2/week 3h05min from $1,790
Tokyo (NRT)4/week 2h50min from $1,615
Toyama (TOY)1/week 2h15min from $1,802
South Korea
Cheong Ju (CJJ)2/week 1h20min from $210
Jeju (CJU)5/week 1h35min from $231
Seoul (ICN)3/week 1h10min from $945
Taiwan, Province of China
Taipei (TPE)2/week 2h50min from $716