Direct Flights
from Da Nang DAD

1,668 weekly flights departing from Da Nang Intl
Serving 10 domestic and 29 international routes.
Main airline: VietJet Air
Departure city: Da Nang, Vietnam

Cân Tho (VCA)58/week 1h30min from $22
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)456/week 1h05min from $23
Hanoi (HAN)415/week 1h20min from $23
Hai Phong (HPH)56/week 1h05min from $25
Nha Trang (CXR)44/week 1h00min from $25
Quang Ninh (VDO)3/week 1h20min from $28
Buon Me Thuot (BMV)18/week 1h00min from $28
Da Lat (DLI)37/week 1h10min from $28
Pleiku (PXU)3/week 0h50min from $28
Phú Quóc (PQC)22/week 1h55min from $57
Vinh City (VII)4/week 1h10min from $58
Tho Xuan (THD)4/week 1h15min from $65
Phnom Penh (PNH)14/week 1h20min from $88
Siem Reap (REP)28/week 1h20min from $99
Chengdu (CTU)3/week 3h10min from $100
Beihai (BHY)4/week 1h30min from $157
Hangzhou (HGH)7/week 3h10min from $169
Zhengzhou (CGO)10/week 3h25min from $172
Guangzhou (CAN)9/week 2h10min from $202
Shanghai (PVG)4/week 3h25min from $225
Beijing (PEK)3/week 4h20min from $280
Changsha (CSX)1/week 2h35min from $288
Shenzhen (SZX)2/week 1h55min from $331
Kunming (KMG)3/week 2h20min from $701
Hong Kong
Hong Kong (HKG)45/week 1h45min from $59
Tokyo (HND)7/week 4h50min from $104
Tokyo (NRT)21/week 4h55min from $261
Osaka (KIX)18/week 4h30min from $327
Macau (MFM)49/week 1h30min from $212
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)28/week 2h50min from $61
Doha (DOH)6/week 7h20min from $441
Singapore (SIN)45/week 2h25min from $53
South Korea
Daegu (TAE)23/week 3h55min from $66
Seoul (ICN)157/week 4h05min from $77
Busan (PUS)48/week 3h45min from $124
Muan (MWX)14/week 4h10min from $221
Taiwan, Province of China
Taipei (TPE)42/week 2h35min from $72
Kaohsiung (KHH)3/week 2h30min from $133
Chiang Mai (CNX)7/week 1h55min from $46
Bangkok (BKK)42/week 1h40min from $55
Bangkok (DMK)21/week 1h35min from $56