Direct Flights
from Chongqing CKG
with Air China

19,315 weekly flights departing from Jiangbei
Serving 799 domestic and 287 international routes.
Departure city: Chongqing, China

Aksu (AKU)5/week 4h55min from $521
Beijing (PEK)195/week 2h25min from $46
Changchun (CGQ)3/week 3h25min from $413
Changsha (CSX)10/week 1h30min from $69
Fuzhou (FOC)11/week 2h20min from $89
Guangzhou (CAN)75/week 1h50min from $80
Haikou (HAK)18/week 2h05min from $348
Hangzhou (HGH)46/week 2h15min from $92
Harbin (HRB)10/week 3h40min from $397
Hohhot (HET)4/week 2h15min from $244
Huangyan (HYN)6/week 2h15min from $107
Lhasa (LXA)13/week 2h45min from $167
Lianyungang (LYG)6/week 2h15min from $249
Liupanshui (LPF)3/week 0h55min from $231
Luoyang (LYA)3/week 1h30min from $162
Nanchang (KHN)13/week 1h35min from $63
Nanjing (NKG)19/week 2h00min from $80
Ningbo (NGB)20/week 2h15min from $257
Shanghai (PVG)44/week 2h05min from $84
Shanghai (SHA)35/week 2h20min from $84
Shenzhen (SZX)56/week 1h45min from $83
Tianjin (TSN)13/week 2h30min from $98
Wenzhou (WNZ)16/week 2h20min from $257
Wuhan (WUH)5/week 1h30min from $209
Xiaguan (DLU)12/week 1h45min from $196
Xiamen (XMN)13/week 2h25min from $82
Yinchuan (INC)7/week 2h00min from $209
Yiwu (YIW)3/week 2h00min from $263
Yuncheng (YCU)7/week 1h25min from $154
Zhengzhou (CGO)14/week 1h45min from $207
Zhuhai (ZUH)17/week 1h55min from $237
Ürümqi (URC)7/week 4h15min from $381
Hong Kong
Hong Kong (HKG)14/week 2h10min from $148
Okinawa (OKA)6/week 3h20min from $277
Tokyo (NRT)21/week 4h15min from $224
South Korea
Seoul (ICN)6/week 3h20min from $243
Taiwan, Province of China
Taipei (TPE)10/week 3h00min from $178
Taipei (TSA)1/week 3h10min from $164
United Arab Emirates
Dubai (DXB)3/week 7h20min from $476
Nha Trang (CXR)14/week 3h05min from $302