Direct Flights
from Chicago ORD

23,248 weekly flights departing from Chicago O'Hare Intl
Serving 185 domestic and 66 international routes.
Main airline: United Airlines
Departure city: Chicago, United States

Mobile (BFM)4/week 2h10min from $17
Branson (BKG)4/week 1h30min from $17
Denver (DEN)278/week 2h10min from $18
Tampa (TPA)179/week 2h35min from $18
Fort Myers (RSW)197/week 2h49min from $18
Las Vegas (LAS)246/week 3h50min from $19
Orlando (MCO)259/week 2h35min from $19
Phoenix (PHX)266/week 3h35min from $19
New York (LGA)364/week 2h02min from $20
Los Angeles (LAX)340/week 4h13min from $20
Atlanta (ATL)429/week 1h45min from $20
Baltimore (BWI)239/week 1h48min from $20
Austin (AUS)144/week 2h35min from $21
Myrtle Beach (MYR)54/week 2h04min from $21
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)203/week 2h57min from $21
Oakland (OAK)14/week 4h29min from $21
Jacksonville (JAX)139/week 2h10min from $21
New Orléans (MSY)148/week 2h12min from $21
San Diego (SAN)160/week 4h08min from $21
Seattle (SEA)280/week 4h15min from $21
Houston (IAH)296/week 2h36min from $21
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)325/week 2h18min from $21
Boston (BOS)504/week 2h09min from $21
Miami (MIA)180/week 3h01min from $23
Raleigh/Durham (RDU)332/week 1h52min from $25
Nashville (BNA)345/week 1h22min from $30
El Paso (ELP)72/week 3h03min from $30
Philadelphia (PHL)227/week 1h55min from $30
Trenton (TTN)14/week 2h06min from $30
Newark (EWR)316/week 1h59min from $30
Minneapolis (MSP)408/week 1h22min from $33
Burlington (BRL)16/week 1h29min from $38
Harlingen (HRL)4/week 3h09min from $38
Manchester (MHT)70/week 2h18min from $39
Providence (PVD)122/week 2h10min from $39
New York (JFK)242/week 2h10min from $43
San Juan (SJU)44/week 4h28min from $45
Mason City (MCW)14/week 1h55min from $53
Ironwood (IWD)15/week 2h30min from $53
Detroit (DTW)420/week 1h15min from $54
Covington (CVG)451/week 1h07min from $54
Cleveland (CLE)348/week 1h11min from $54
Louisville (SDF)220/week 1h15min from $55
Rochester (RST)153/week 1h12min from $55
West Palm Beach (PBI)77/week 2h55min from $55
Syracuse (SYR)211/week 1h42min from $55
Lansing (LAN)110/week 0h56min from $55
Grand Rapids (GRR)310/week 0h50min from $55
Pittsburgh (PIT)214/week 1h22min from $55
Charleston (CRW)69/week 1h26min from $55
Kansas City (MCI)242/week 1h23min from $55
White Plains (HPN)117/week 2h04min from $55
Columbus (CMH)368/week 1h06min from $55
St. Louis (STL)252/week 1h05min from $55
Indianapolis (IND)357/week 0h59min from $55
Kalamazoo (AZO)160/week 0h48min from $55
Omaha (OMA)249/week 1h25min from $55
Flint (FNT)152/week 1h02min from $55
Sioux Falls (FSD)183/week 1h33min from $55
Memphis (MEM)200/week 1h38min from $55
Akron (CAK)127/week 1h17min from $55
Traverse City (TVC)228/week 1h03min from $55
La Crosse (LSE)110/week 1h08min from $55
Buffalo (BUF)190/week 1h30min from $55
Portland (PWM)101/week 2h20min from $57
Pensacola (PNS)45/week 2h18min from $65
Evansville (EVV)109/week 1h13min from $66
Decatur (DEC)46/week 0h59min from $68
Quincy (UIN)41/week 1h19min from $68
Columbia (COU)154/week 1h16min from $71
Fargo (FAR)150/week 1h51min from $76
Wilmington (ILM)65/week 2h09min from $76
Allentown (ABE)98/week 1h44min from $77
San Francisco (SFO)258/week 4h31min from $79
Des Moines (DSM)307/week 1h10min from $81
Muskegon (MKG)40/week 0h57min from $82
Albany (ALB)154/week 1h52min from $87
Norfolk (ORF)122/week 2h00min from $87
Hartford/Springfield (BDL)154/week 2h02min from $87
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (AVP)68/week 1h42min from $87
Savannah (SAV)98/week 2h09min from $88
Valparaiso/Destin/Ft. Walton Beach (VPS)12/week 2h11min from $88
Oklahoma City (OKC)150/week 1h40min from $88
Birmingham (BHM)110/week 1h43min from $88
Washington (DCA)260/week 1h40min from $88
Charlottesville (CHO)96/week 1h48min from $88
Charleston (CHS)113/week 2h02min from $88
Charlotte (CLT)245/week 1h45min from $89
Colorado Springs (COS)79/week 2h34min from $89
Washington (IAD)112/week 1h44min from $91
Salt Lake City (SLC)172/week 3h17min from $95
Knoxville (TYS)180/week 1h29min from $100
Santa Ana (SNA)110/week 4h12min from $100
Portland (PDX)113/week 4h15min from $102
Panama City (ECP)14/week 2h13min from $105
Harrisburg (MDT)206/week 1h45min from $109
Albuquerque (ABQ)91/week 2h55min from $110
San Antonio (SAT)118/week 2h40min from $110
Duluth (DLH)114/week 1h28min from $110
Tucson (TUS)59/week 3h33min from $110
Cedar Rapids (CID)266/week 1h02min from $110
Sarasota/Bradenton (SRQ)68/week 2h34min from $111
Dayton (DAY)212/week 0h59min from $112
Cape Girardeau (CGI)32/week 1h27min from $113
Hilton Head Island (HHH)9/week 2h00min from $113
Springfield (SPI)52/week 1h01min from $113
Bangor (BGR)74/week 2h30min from $114
Salina (SLN)19/week 2h04min from $116
Joplin (JLN)64/week 1h42min from $123
Fort Wayne (FWA)148/week 0h57min from $125
Lewisburg (LWB)26/week 1h35min from $126
Clarksburg (CKB)28/week 1h23min from $130
Springfield (SGF)208/week 1h30min from $131
Rochester (ROC)198/week 1h34min from $131
Tulsa (TUL)132/week 1h52min from $132
Little Rock (LIT)138/week 1h46min from $132
Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers (XNA)241/week 1h41min from $132
Greer (GSP)157/week 1h44min from $132
Asheville (AVL)79/week 1h45min from $134
Missoula (MSO)37/week 3h40min from $138
Richmond (RIC)221/week 1h51min from $138
Ogdensburg (OGS)28/week 1h59min from $141
Manhattan (MHK)84/week 1h41min from $141
Anchorage (ANC)74/week 6h30min from $143
Sacramento (SMF)61/week 4h28min from $143
Reno (RNO)42/week 4h10min from $145
San José (SJC)43/week 4h28min from $145
Wichita (ICT)147/week 1h55min from $149
Mosinee (CWA)129/week 1h00min from $152
Huntsville (HSV)102/week 1h42min from $158
Milwaukee (MKE)235/week 0h36min from $167
Jackson (JAC)67/week 3h04min from $177
Greensboro (GSO)124/week 1h44min from $181
Green Bay (GRB)250/week 0h54min from $184
Meridian (MEI)28/week 2h06min from $184
Bozeman (BZN)48/week 3h20min from $188
Montrose (MTJ)41/week 3h07min from $188
Aspen (ASE)120/week 2h53min from $188
Boise (BOI)72/week 3h47min from $191
Appleton (ATW)171/week 0h54min from $191
Eau Claire (EAU)44/week 1h16min from $195
Billings (BIL)15/week 3h14min from $196
Paducah (PAH)45/week 1h24min from $196
Rapid City (RAP)92/week 2h23min from $197
Hancock (CMX)40/week 1h21min from $198
Madison (MSN)317/week 0h46min from $205
Saginaw (MBS)45/week 1h01min from $206
Sioux City (SUX)80/week 1h35min from $210
Lexington (LEX)152/week 1h10min from $215
Burlington (BTV)140/week 2h04min from $218
Toledo (TOL)102/week 0h58min from $218
Erie (ERI)49/week 1h24min from $226
Staunton/Waynesboro/Harrisonburg (SHD)25/week 1h45min from $228
Moline (MLI)168/week 0h43min from $230
Peoria (PIA)153/week 0h54min from $231
Roanoke (ROA)53/week 1h38min from $246
Champaign/Urbana (CMI)132/week 0h50min from $248
Charlotte Amalie (STT)2/week 4h39min from $250
Key West (EYW)62/week 3h05min from $253
Bismarck (BIS)35/week 2h24min from $258
Lincoln (LNK)59/week 1h30min from $259
Chattanooga (CHA)80/week 1h40min from $264
South Bend (SBN)100/week 0h36min from $268
State College (SCE)125/week 1h38min from $271
Cody (COD)1/week 3h06min from $276
Fairbanks (FAI)42/week 6h33min from $283
Grand Junction (GJT)1/week 2h43min from $289
Columbia (CAE)49/week 2h01min from $290
Great Falls (GTF)21/week 3h34min from $300
Marquette (MQT)40/week 1h15min from $300
Bloomington/Normal (BMI)96/week 0h48min from $305
Durango (DRO)2/week 3h00min from $305
Kalispell (FCA)35/week 3h39min from $308
Spokane (GEG)26/week 3h59min from $315
Redmond (RDM)21/week 4h37min from $315
Waterloo (ALO)54/week 1h05min from $324
Eugene (EUG)33/week 4h20min from $326
Fresno (FAT)25/week 4h25min from $327
Dubuque (DBQ)77/week 0h51min from $330
Honolulu (HNL)34/week 8h58min from $370
Kahului (OGG)14/week 9h05min from $386
Cleveland (BKL)3/week 2h16min from $1,279
Battle Creek (BTL)12/week 0h55min from $2,327
Cincinnati (LUK)11/week 1h50min from $3,157
Escanaba (ESC)2/week 2h01min from $3,214
Rhinelander (RHI)4/week 2h03min from $3,232
Detroit (YIP)12/week 1h45min from $3,360
Detroit (DET)12/week 1h57min from $3,450
Pellston (PLN)8/week 2h05min from $3,491
Columbus (LCK)4/week 2h08min from $3,617
Sault Ste. Marie (CIU)2/week 2h25min from $3,709
Austin (AUM)4/week 2h23min from $3,828
Akron (AKC)10/week 2h36min from $4,135
Fort Leonard Wood (TBN)12/week 2h02min from $4,260
Kansas City (MKC)28/week 2h12min from $4,640
Wausau (AUW)2/week 1h44min from $5,869
Iron Mountain/Kingsford (IMT)4/week 2h03min from $7,058
Alpena (APN)2/week 2h10min from $7,641
Aruba (AUA)10/week 5h08min from $240
Wien (VIE)7/week 9h00min from $1,298
Nassau (NAS)11/week 3h15min from $117
Brussels (BRU)14/week 7h55min from $504
São Paulo (GRU)12/week 10h20min from $446
Toronto (YYZ)323/week 1h26min from $76
Calgary (YYC)69/week 3h42min from $76
Vancouver (YVR)89/week 4h24min from $142
Québec City (YQB)45/week 2h28min from $148
Halifax (YHZ)14/week 3h12min from $161
Montréal (YUL)156/week 2h02min from $174
Winnipeg (YWG)40/week 2h20min from $177
Cayman Islands
Grand Cayman (GCM)9/week 3h30min from $205
Beijing (PEK)25/week 13h20min from $286
Shanghai (PVG)21/week 14h20min from $601
Costa Rica
San José (SJO)3/week 5h12min from $174
Liberia (LIR)8/week 5h03min from $341
Copenhagen (CPH)7/week 8h15min from $899
Dominican Republic
Punta Cana (PUJ)32/week 4h18min from $140
Addis Ababa (ADD)7/week 13h45min from $657
Helsinki (HEL)7/week 8h45min from $564
Paris (CDG)58/week 7h55min from $172
Frankfurt (FRA)54/week 8h10min from $467
Munich (MUC)37/week 8h30min from $737
Athens (ATH)14/week 10h20min from $662
Guatemala City (GUA)3/week 4h35min from $134
Hong Kong
Hong Kong (HKG)14/week 16h00min from $697
Budapest (BUD)8/week 9h05min from $706
Reykjavík (KEF)14/week 6h05min from $425
New Delhi (DEL)14/week 14h15min from $640
Hyderabad (HYD)14/week 18h25min from $668
Dublin (DUB)42/week 7h15min from $563
Rome (FCO)39/week 9h00min from $329
Venice (VCE)21/week 8h50min from $757
Montego Bay (MBJ)31/week 4h00min from $163
Tokyo (HND)28/week 12h55min from $883
Tokyo (NRT)29/week 12h50min from $897
Amman (AMM)17/week 11h00min from $646
Cancún (CUN)88/week 3h30min from $71
México City (MEX)90/week 4h00min from $96
Guadalajara (GDL)41/week 3h42min from $99
Puerto Vallarta (PVR)49/week 4h20min from $105
Los Cabos (SJD)38/week 4h22min from $144
Querétaro (QRO)4/week 3h59min from $172
Huatulco (HUX)3/week 4h36min from $208
Monterrey (MTY)28/week 3h30min from $234
León (BJX)1/week 4h35min from $330
Amsterdam (AMS)14/week 7h45min from $478
New Zealand
Auckland (AKL)5/week 16h25min from $728
Panamá City (PTY)21/week 5h18min from $209
Kraków (KRK)19/week 9h10min from $604
Warsaw (WAW)11/week 8h55min from $787
Lisbon (LIS)10/week 7h40min from $299
Doha (DOH)7/week 13h30min from $943
South Korea
Seoul (ICN)7/week 13h50min from $918
Barcelona (BCN)26/week 8h20min from $172
Madrid (MAD)16/week 8h05min from $577
Stockholm (ARN)7/week 8h20min from $837
Zürich (ZRH)26/week 8h20min from $893
Taiwan, Province of China
Taipei (TPE)7/week 14h50min from $662
Istanbul (IST)17/week 10h20min from $773
Turks and Caicos Islands
Providenciales (PLS)7/week 3h50min from $117
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi (AUH)14/week 13h25min from $533
Dubai (DXB)7/week 13h25min from $846
United Kingdom
London (STN)3/week 1h30min from $17
London (LGW)4/week 7h45min from $186
London (LHR)130/week 7h35min from $403
Edinburgh (EDI)14/week 7h35min from $1,321