Direct Flights
from Beijing PEK

1,487 weekly flights departing from Beijing Capital
Serving 89 domestic and 27 international routes.
Main airline: Air China
Departure city: Beijing, China

Yichun (YIC)1/week 21h05min
Ulanhot (HLH)1/week 22h00min
Wanzhou (WXN)1/week 21h20min
Xiangyang (XFN)1/week 21h35min
Zhongwei (ZHY)1/week 21h50min
Wuyishan (WUS)1/week 2h20min
Dongying (DOY)1/week 1h20min
Quanzhou (JJN)2/week 3h00min
Yantai (YNT)8/week 1h20min from $145
Xilinhot (XIL)1/week 22h35min from $155
Lüliang (LLV)1/week 22h45min from $223
Hangzhou (HGH)23/week 21h35min from $235
Nantong (NTG)3/week 2h10min from $239
Changzhi (CIH)1/week 1h20min from $243
Kunming (KMG)11/week 20h25min from $247
Zhuhai (ZUH)6/week 20h30min from $261
Linfen (LFQ)1/week 1h40min from $269
Ordos (DSN)2/week 22h20min from $278
Fuzhou (FOC)8/week 21h05min from $281
Chengdu (CTU)22/week 20h50min from $283
Tongliao (TGO)1/week 1h35min from $292
Dalian (DLC)10/week 22h35min from $298
Xiamen (XMN)11/week 20h55min from $298
Tonghua (TNH)1/week 22h25min from $301
Yan'an (ENY)1/week 1h55min from $301
Baotou (BAV)2/week 1h30min from $304
Fuyang (FUG)1/week 2h05min from $304
Bayannur (RLK)1/week 22h05min from $307
Guangzhou (CAN)19/week 3h25min from $307
Yuncheng (YCU)2/week 22h10min from $313
Yancheng (YNZ)1/week 1h55min from $318
Hohhot (HET)1/week 1h30min from $321
Yulin (UYN)1/week 1h35min from $322
Sanya (SYX)8/week 20h05min from $329
Taiyuan (TYN)2/week 22h40min from $333
Chongqing (CKG)20/week 20h45min from $334
Weihai (WEH)3/week 22h30min from $347
Shanghai (SHA)41/week 21h40min from $353
Yibin (YBP)2/week 3h15min from $353
Daqing (DQA)3/week 21h55min from $373
Shenzhen (SZX)29/week 20h35min from $375
Huangshan (TXN)1/week 2h15min from $391
Yiwu (YIW)1/week 21h45min from $393
Yanji (YNJ)2/week 21h50min from $393
Wuhai (WUA)1/week 1h55min from $393
Yangzhou (YTY)1/week 22h05min from $394
Shenyang (SHE)5/week 1h30min from $396
Shangrao (SQD)1/week 21h40min from $420
Jingdezhen (JDZ)1/week 2h15min from $420
Shiyan (WDS)1/week 2h15min from $422
Qingdao (TAO)7/week 22h35min from $426
Yueyang (YYA)1/week 21h45min from $430
Jiamusi (JMU)4/week 21h45min from $445
Guangyuan (GYS)1/week 2h45min from $446
Nanning (NNG)7/week 20h25min from $458
Zhangjiajie (DYG)1/week 2h50min from $460
Yichang (YIH)2/week 2h25min from $466
Ji'an (JGS)1/week 2h50min from $469
Huangyan (HYN)1/week 21h20min from $475
Mianyang (MIG)2/week 21h10min from $477
Mudanjiang (MDG)3/week 21h50min from $489
Qiqihar (NDG)1/week 22h10min from $495
Hengyang (HNY)1/week 3h05min from $498
Ganzhou (KOW)1/week 2h55min from $521
Shaoyang (WGN)1/week 2h50min from $523
Zhengzhou (CGO)2/week 1h50min from $533
Wenzhou (WNZ)6/week 21h10min from $540
Changzhou (CZX)1/week 2h00min from $547
Zunyi (WMT)1/week 20h50min from $555
Harbin (HRB)9/week 22h00min from $558
Ningbo (NGB)5/week 2h30min from $558
Shanghai (PVG)2/week 21h45min from $559
Nanchang (KHN)8/week 21h30min from $564
Yinchuan (INC)6/week 21h40min from $573
Hefei (HFE)3/week 1h55min from $575
Jieyang (SWA)1/week 3h15min from $584
Wuxi (WUX)3/week 2h10min from $590
Liuzhou (LZH)1/week 3h15min from $593
Huizhou (HUZ)1/week 3h25min from $596
Hailar (HLD)3/week 2h10min from $599
Xichang (XIC)1/week 3h30min from $610
Changsha (CSX)12/week 21h25min from $641
Changchun (CGQ)5/week 22h05min from $668
Lanzhou (LHW)7/week 21h35min from $671
Guilin (KWL)2/week 20h55min from $674
Nanjing (NKG)5/week 1h55min from $677
Beihai (BHY)2/week 3h45min from $682
Zhanjiang (ZHA)1/week 4h10min from $700
Dunhuang (DNH)1/week 3h25min from $723
Xi'an (XIY)12/week 21h40min from $728
Wuhan (WUH)9/week 2h35min from $743
Xining (XNN)3/week 21h25min from $755
Guiyang (KWE)9/week 20h50min from $777
Korla (KRL)1/week 4h40min from $781
Xiaguan (DLU)2/week 20h15min from $786
Karamay (KRY)1/week 4h45min from $801
Qionghai (BAR)1/week 4h00min from $832
Jinghong (JHG)1/week 4h15min from $888
Nyingchi (LZY)1/week 19h50min from $923
Lhasa (LXA)2/week 4h30min from $974
Kashgar (KHG)1/week 18h25min from $1,001
Lijiang (LJG)2/week 20h10min from $1,029
Ürümqi (URC)8/week 19h45min from $1,137
Haikou (HAK)8/week 3h40min from $1,243
Sydney (SYD)1/week 3h20min from $729
Brussels (BRU)1/week 13h15min from $2,002
Phnom Penh (PNH)1/week 5h15min from $344
Addis Ababa (ADD)1/week 11h55min from $2,547
Paris (CDG)1/week 11h15min from $783
Frankfurt (FRA)2/week 12h50min from $1,496
Athens (ATH)1/week 13h15min from $1,669
Hong Kong
Hong Kong (HKG)7/week 20h20min from $160
Tel Aviv (TLV)1/week 13h10min
Milan (MXP)1/week 13h00min from $1,032
Tokyo (HND)2/week 3h30min from $433
Almaty (ALA)1/week 18h35min from $701
Macau (MFM)3/week 3h45min from $378
Amsterdam (AMS)1/week 12h30min from $1,029
Islamabad (ISB)2/week 6h30min from $1,071
Manila (MNL)2/week 5h05min from $273
Russian Federation
Moscow (SVO)2/week 8h10min
St. Petersburg (LED)1/week 8h55min
Singapore (SIN)2/week 6h20min from $436
South Korea
Seoul (GMP)2/week 2h00min from $272
Seoul (ICN)3/week 2h10min from $292
Stockholm (ARN)1/week 9h30min from $770
Taiwan, Province of China
Taipei (TPE)4/week 20h40min from $434
Bangkok (BKK)1/week 5h25min from $437
Phuket (HKT)1/week 6h00min from $647
Istanbul (IST)1/week 13h45min from $1,511
United Arab Emirates
Dubai (DXB)2/week 15h40min from $786
United Kingdom
Manchester (MAN)1/week 12h40min from $1,189
London (LHR)1/week 10h35min from $1,285
United States
Los Angeles (LAX)1/week 12h05min from $4,180
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)1/week 5h05min
Hanoi (HAN)1/week 3h55min from $473