Austral Lineas Aereas Airports

Austral Lineas Aereas operates in 174 airports worldwide with a total of 1,006 weekly flights.
Main hub: Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP)
IATA code: AU

Buenos Aires (AEP)Argentina
36 destinations 314/week
Córdoba (COR)Argentina
14 destinations 83/week
Buenos Aires (EZE)Argentina
12 destinations 83/week
Mendoza (MDZ)Argentina
9 destinations 70/week
Rosario (ROS)Argentina
7 destinations 42/week
Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD)Argentina
6 destinations 44/week
Puerto Iguazú (IGR)Argentina
6 destinations 27/week
Trelew (REL)Argentina
5 destinations 20/week
Bahía Blanca (BHI)Argentina
5 destinations 21/week
Ushuaia (USH)Argentina
4 destinations 16/week
Mar del Plata (MDQ)Argentina
4 destinations 42/week
San Carlos de Bariloche (BRC)Argentina
4 destinations 12/week
Salta (SLA)Argentina
4 destinations 15/week
San Salvador de Jujuy (JUJ)Argentina
3 destinations 15/week
Tucumán (TUC)Argentina
3 destinations 18/week
El Calafate (FTE)Argentina
3 destinations 10/week
Maldonado (PDP)Uruguay
3 destinations 11/week
Resistencia (RES)Argentina
3 destinations 18/week
Neuquén (NQN)Argentina
3 destinations 15/week
San Rafael (AFA)Argentina
2 destinations 6/week
Santa Rosa (RSA)Argentina
2 destinations 6/week
La Rioja (IRJ)Argentina
2 destinations 12/week
Esquel (EQS)Argentina
2 destinations 6/week
San Juan (UAQ)Argentina
2 destinations 15/week
Paraná (PRA)Argentina
2 destinations 7/week
Posadas (PSS)Argentina
2 destinations 16/week
San Luis (LUQ)Argentina
2 destinations 10/week
Viedma (VDM)Argentina
2 destinations 5/week
Santiago del Estero (SDE)Argentina
2 destinations 8/week
Santa Fé (SFN)Argentina
2 destinations 11/week
Montevideo (MVD)Uruguay
2 destinations 27/week
Formosa (FMA)Argentina
2 destinations 7/week
Rio Gallegos (RGL)Argentina
2 destinations 10/week
Catamarca (CTC)Argentina
2 destinations 12/week
Rio Grande (RGA)Argentina
2 destinations 14/week
Corrientes (CNQ)Argentina
1 destinations 9/week
Curitiba (CWB)Brazil
1 destinations 7/week
Santa Cruz (SRZ)Bolivia
1 destinations 7/week
Río Cuarto (RCU)Argentina
1 destinations 5/week
Porto Alegre (POA)Brazil
1 destinations 7/week
Santiago (SCL)Chile
1 destinations 1/week
Santa Cruz (VVI)Bolivia
1 destinations 7/week
Termas de Río Hondo (RHD)Argentina
1 destinations 2/week
Asunción (ASU)Paraguay
1 destinations 12/week